Unmerge Oceanic with US Servers for PvP

Oceanic servers need to be un-merged with US servers for PvP literally immediately, the oceanic community was not consulted on this decision, I guarantee the vast majority of Oceanic players do not want this.

Not one trending post was made throughout the entire duration of classic asking for Oceanic to be merged with the US.

What you have literally forced on the Oceanic community is a situation of unplayable lag, which is not only detrimental to gameplay casual gameplay; but absolutely destroys any semblance of competitive gameplay within the oceanic community, 200-300 MS lag is not competitive it is terrible.

This deliberate step was blatantly taken as a means to reduce server costs rather than to actually improve gameplay. Oceanic had fine and sustainable PvP queues with multiple instances of all Battlegrounds running daily especially throughout the pre-patch. Furthermore Oceanics for the most part want to play against oceanic’s, not only for the established sense of community already present among oceanic servers; but because the only way to actually achieve relevant and “better arena match making for oceanic players” is to allow them to fight against players on the same latency, not force all oceanic players onto US servers where they have 200-300 ms lag fighting against US players with no lag.

This is quite literally the most damaging and game breaking change which I have seen introduced to classic since its launch, and the change needs to be reverted immediately, I mean hell; they literally performed it during the middle of the night while the Oceanic Region was asleep during US times, that shows how little consideration was given to the Oceanic Community.


Grand Marshal Archeon.


I have unsubscribed on my two accounts due to this update using the following reason:

"Due to your latest release ‘Ocean and American servers are intended to share a Battle Group in Burning Crusade Classic’. I do not wish to compete in Arena with 300ms. We have Oceanic servers for a reason. Arena is the only reason I was playing TBC . The game no longer interests me due to this change. I will resubscribe if it gets reverted. "

I suggest you all follow to send a clear message this is not what Oceanic players want. It would have been nice if they did a vote. No one in their right mind would want this change. Why would you want to compete on a 300ms in Arena.



Best change all classic.



Literally no sound-minded Oceanic player wants this change.


Blizzard is one of the most successful gaming companies in the world, that had such a rich legacy of games and respect for the consumer and experience. This is no longer the case, and I think that Blizzard knows that.

This has put a massive dent in my excitement for TBC (if it wasn’t already hamstrung by decisions that plagued WoW Classic). Asinine decision after asinine decision from Blizzard makes me question if Blizzard are intentionally trying to bury their game into the ground.

The reason I played WoW Classic again was under the pretence that TBC would be released and to push for Glad titles. 200MS is not an enjoyable nor competitive experience.


Imagine how the players feel who just paid $$$ to boost a char specifically for pvp racials in TBC arena, only to get told they will be handicapped and wont be able to ‘meaningfully compete’.


I’ve had guildies get refunds for their boosted characters, I suggest anyone who boosted a character specifically for Arenas submit their refund requests now. 3-5 business days for the refund :rofl:


Yikes even their refunds have lag.


No one in OCE wanted this change. So why make it? Please revert. I am unsubbing now and will remain so until fixed.

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+1, everyone I have spoken to within the oceanic community is extremely against this change, and the negative impact it will have on player experience.


Just such a slimy decision to have paid boosts then announce this days before launch. You didn’t think this would be pivotal info in the decision making behind people playing this game? No PvPer wants to play on US ping.

PING > QUEUE TIMES (opposite timezones anyway)

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Once again blizzard proves how stupidly out of touch they are with a completely idiotic decision

Make OCE its own battlegroup you speds. TBC had battlegroups and glad titles were distributed based on the battlegroup itself


Unsubbed, just killed BC for me…

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The fact they didn’t announce the change and only addressed it when the community complained, in my opinion, means one of two things:

  1. Blizzard are in such shambles that a change this big can make it into the Live environment without having Patch Notes
  2. Blizzard is so disconnected from their community that they didn’t think this was worth announcing

Either way, it’s very worrying.


what the eff ? bring back oce pvp now, aint paying forr some laggy dogg shiet pvp

its too late you paid your 6months sub in anticipation of TBC, you bought your boosts and your ugly croc mount, you paid your $20 to check out if anyone was still playing classic and now your opinion doesnt matter

well played blizz

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yup same all the enthusiasm I had for what was to come next week just got destroyed
i have a couple months left and wont be renewing if this decision isnt reversed

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Sweet, yet another dumb change they have made that is ruining the experience of the game… fully sick bro


The closer TBC gets the more I remember why I hate any version of wow past classic.


Sigh… what the hell blizzard. Let’s hope Oceanic servers can host some games so that the USA players get fired up when they randomly have to deal with 300+ms

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