Unlocking Void Elf

I’m trying to unlock the void elf with some friends and I need to know do we need to complete the broken isle zones on ONE character. Or if we completed Azsuna on one character and Val’ Sharah on another character would it all count or is it not account wide? I’m asking because our characters are almost lvl 60 and we would like to create new characters to lvl while we do the quests but we already did complete one zone on one character already. Thanks in advance!! (:

Void elf is locked behind a quest chain that you gotta do in Legion’s End Game content. Look under your achievements for an achievement called “Now You Are Prepared” and it should show you what quests are needed. This is the main story Quest of Argus (which you get to via a teleporter after a brief trip to the exodar as part of Argus’ intro quest once you get to a certain level, I can’t say what level that would be sorry :frowning_face: But you’ll know you can do it when you see Vellen tell you something like “hey let’s go some place”)

Iirc this is also the same quest chain that goes toward unlocking Lightforged Draenei as well.

Hope this helps!

wowhead has a good article on unlocking all races. I believe they even have a tracker you can use to see which quests you are missing.