Unlocking Unobtainable Appearances in Class for Retail?

Incorrect. The plan IS to bring back vanilla. Seems you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

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  1. it’s simple - i have to worry about a persons motivations. is this person going to ninja my items? etc.
  2. tens of thousands of people playing private servers for 10 years. and no. they don’t just play them because they are free. they play them because classic is a legitimately good game. now imagine how many people classic will have with servers where you don’t have to worry about losing your progress, with the backing of an official company.
  3. no, vanilla had a self policing community. ganking and griefing is a common part of the MMO experience and expected. as is loot stealing, however you take actions to mitigate that. that said people developed reputations in vanilla and that lead to community. you knew who people were because you ran into them all the time. just because you were mistrustful of people in vanilla loot stealing is not a reason to add MORE REASONS to be mistrustful.

your logic is so out in left field.
by your logic people are going to steal stuff so i should open my doors and post a sign telling them too.

I have, did not watch Blizzcon 2018? The even left the door open for new content.

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the plan was to bring back vanilla. people don’t want vanilla because of nostalgia, they want it because vanilla was a good game. most the changes that have happened have zero impact on gameplay.

using one change to push for another change is straight up asinine and puts the lie to everyone who ever said the slippery slope was a fallacy.

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Now we know whos alt u are…

I know! I’m like what? Don’t you guys have flying mounts?
Seriously though I get why they are mad. The game has glaring issues and instead of addressing those you build a portal room? Ok. Good idea but what about… everything else? What about the player feedback on other issues? Can’t even get real communication on those issues. yet this portal issue got some blue responses? Then they left again. Lol.
Now I fear our classic

News is being back burnered…

Makes me head numb. I need a drink.

If they can’t handle flying at 310% in the current game, how will they make it all the way to whatever item they want for their collection in Classic?

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1.) If you don’t ever worry about people’s intentions, then do I have some gold to sell to you /s.
2.) Do you honestly believe people will continue paying for a game once they achieved all they wanted to?
3.) Yeah, and it still implements here. Plus not everyone is going to aim for completion, or else LFR raiders would also push into mythic.


Imagine basing your assumption and entire argument on the fact that Blizzard don’t stay true to their word.

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Lol. Idk. Wish they would just petition GD to have blizz add what their missing via timewalking classic(edit) to live.

They did though.
It might not ever happen, but the door is open either you like it or not.

How will they get those items if nobody can CC?

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  1. we’d worry a lot less with this system in place.
  2. considering that classic is a legitimately good game? yes.
  3. that’s fine. people don’t have to aim for completition. still completely against anything that adds negatives to the vanilla community experience.

Lol so no I didnt miss anything except you asking for stuff you have been told isn’t happening and your only rational is they’ve changed their mind previously on unrelated issues in a separate game. Cool thanks for clarifying. Deuces

7/10 troll points for the activity on topic that’s been beaten to death multiple times over.


If all non obtainables classic transmogs were bound behind them then idgaf.
I’m just proposing they do something about it

I have no issue with rewards, transmog, achievements, etc taking effect in retail for actions taken in Classic… just not vice versa

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Improvise, adapt, overcome.
If they can’t performe that challenge the way it was meant to be obtain then they don’t deserve it

Not my problem? Lol
Adjust. Adapt. Overcome. It works for everything.