Unlock the paid server transfer!

No. Reroll.

I want to see them unlock new character creation for players who don’t have a character on that server. I would like to play with my brother again.

How about those of us that have already re-rolled and have 60s on the locked server now? Don’t you think they should allow us to transfer our other chars here? won’t affect queues at all.


What Melaneth is coming up with is the average Joe-not very thought through-comment on that topic, mainly because they are unempathic.

Why? I do not see any Locked servers at the moment. What have you tried that you are unable to do?

It is showing High for me.

Yeah it is technically considered high. I meant full in the colloquial sense not in the technical blizzard definition

Sure, but I suspect the average population has dropped a little, since it was Locked for a while.

It has, but there were starting to be queues around the time they locked it, I don’t want to reverse course on that.

Sooo, you rerolled to the high population servers and are surprised when those servers get full?

I would rather have transfers than char creation at this stage of the game. I am trying to maintain a core for AQ and start shedding some of these earlier raids. I’ve been doing Molten Core for nearly an entire year now, and I am sick of the place. I don’t need somebody’s third alt or one of their friends to come in and force me back into the raid, where attendance is already dwindling and reasons to go are increasingly less and less as everybody picks up the one or two pieces they need from Domo or Rag, essentially leaving us to run the place just to get our damned Baron bindings at this point. Catchup raids only help so much.

Char creation has been proven time and time again to essentially just create more and more bots that need to be banned, once again, as always. At least this time it doesn’t look like they’re getting rid of the layers, so queues will probably still not be something needing to be contended with on prime raid nights.

That would be a negative on that. The last thing I want is for example someone from a low pop server with a million arcane crystals or lotuses transferring over and controling the market. I would be ok with transfers if all tradable items had to be sold or bound before a transfer is made.

Oh, so like how all the bots that are being created by unlocking char creation are going to destroy the market, again, like they did the last time they opened char creation?

I don’t know what server you’re playing on, since you are posting on a retail toon, but chances are the lotus mafia is more than powerful enough to deal with incoming incursions. The black lotus price on Herod tanked when the changes were made and one person who already had the capital from running the mafia managed to contribute the majority of the work to reset it from 70g at its lowest back up to 170g currently, and that price is more or less uncontested. There’s plenty more hoarded lotuses on your server than you can possibly bring over even with 250 dollars worth of character transfers.

Yall are silly, the char creation was enabled on all the servers that were labeled “Locked”, hence why none say locked. You can make new chars on them all, but you cannot buy a paid transfer to a select list of realms, and that list is on the pinned list at top of forums. I think paid transfers should be allowed if new char creation is allowed, either way you gain a player, one is just ready to do end game and the other is not. But regardless they wont say when they will allow paid transfers to those select servers.

I’m Daswings from grob NACL, class lead for all the druids in my guild and guild to a prot paly Thunderfury and two warrior thunderfurys all on the same raid team. I was only offering a suggestion, a idea. I have a sibling who also plays and he currently is sitting on 120 black lotuses by doing mage Mara runs and other gold farming methods to buy them. When transfers open, guess what he’s going to do, I don’t even have to say.

Also, I use my retail toon since monk class is my calling, but since the game is garbage Classic WoW holds my complete and upmost attention.

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That is small potatoes by pretty much every metric. Your lotus mafia will definitely withstand incursions like that, just as it did before transfers were locked.

It’s not like low pop to high pop transfers weren’t a thing before realm transfers were locked. If your server has maintained stability on prices, and specifically maintained stability after the great lotus panic and subsequent market crash, I do not believe transfers will ruin the economy to the degree that you are worried about.

Mad respect to your creds though. Being a class leader is a serious bona fide. I wish we had any TFs in our guild, let alone three on the same raid team including one on a paladin tank.


No thank you. It ruined perfect 50/50 balance on Grobb.

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Go Blizzard! we want server transfer now!

At least let me transfer one 60 to a server I already have two other 60s on

You don’t get a response every time you ask. Haven’t you figured that out yet, after 16 years? You have the free time to ask daily. They don’t. Besides, what would they say? “Not yet”.

Blizzard has MUCH more information about servers than you have. They are not willing to share that info with you and let YOU make decisions.

Blizzard has consistently (always) said each server will be unlocked, after it returns from 2 layers to 1 layer and has no queues.

Are there any NA servers like that? They are back to 1 layer, yet have no queues to play?

While I agree they have a lot more info about the servers, removing layers on a mega server (which many, many people want to play on) AND having no queue times would require either significantly less people playing, in which case the point will be moot, or a significant upgrade to architecture.

As far as feasibility and profitability is concerned, unlocking and allowing transfers while MAINTAINING layers, and even introducing more layers to the most affected realms if need be is the best recourse. Removing layers has predominately been spoken of by the minority in this echo-chamber that is this blizzard moderated forum, anyway (Also, who are you in game? I see you posting a lot on a level 24 not risking exposure and disagreeing with a lot of people). Ask any of the players in game whether they’d like layers or queues, and most will say layers. Ask any of the players in game if they’d like server expansion and refreshment or stagnation, and most would say expansion and refreshment.

Furthermore, layering is already starting to slow down world buffing. By the time naxx rolls around, rend will be rare aside from the guilds that require alts to hold a head and heart to drop in later content.

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