Unker Relac Casual, Thau-Barth Guild / Community Recruiting

Unker Relac Casual, is open for recruitment for GMT+8 players (Horde). A combined community between 2 guilds in Thaurissan and Barthilas. Led by an Orks-ar-da-bestest GM, an angry lunatic and a dad-build obsessed dad, we are a collection of old folks still enjoying WoW. From achievement hunting; to casual raids: to max-levelling one of each class; to m+, we are a diverse range of gen X thinking we are boomers.

Therefore, we are too old / busy / have too many children, for Mythic raiding and have always aimed for AOTC only since our founding in Legion.

We are recruiting due to 2 of our roster having a baby and a few went to Classic for the good-old-days like horny old men going for v**gra.

10/10H CN, 10/10H SoD, ZERO Mythic raid, Raid timing Wednesday and Thursday SGT 9:30pm - 12:00mn.

Pst or mail, Aralinya [Ara #1523] or Mechanger (Thaurissan) or Icharis (Barthilas) for more information.