<Unity> [Fri/Sat 10:30pm-1:30am PST]

Unity is a Semi-Hardcore Raid Guild, running mythic+ keys and always active on discord.

Started during WoTLK in 2010, took a break and started reforming during SoD shadowlands where some members were able to achieve AOTC. Looking to get AOTC and then push into Mythic.

LF Warrior, Rogue and Warlock.

Raid Days/Times:
Optional Thursday Normal clear 10:00 pm PST
Friday/Saturday 10:30pm-1:30am PST (server time)

Raid Progression:

11/11N SFO
10/11H SFO

Contact Info:

Discord: Cebx#6262

Discord: Deatbear#7579

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Bumping for visability

Bump for epic guild and great community

Bump. Looking for hunter as well.

Looking for a hunterrrrr, need more dps to humble the chebby.

my first guild, taught me everything i know about the game. love getting to raid and progress with our community

Open to all classes and specs. Looking for 1-2 players to complete our soon to be Mythic core team.

Are you still late night raiding on Hyjal?