United Horde from Onyxia, Recruiting

Guild Name: United Horde
Community: United Horde of Onyxia
Guild Leader: Saurfang / Hellsergeant
Faction: Horde
Realm: Onyxia
Realms Connected: Burning Blade, Lightning’s Blade, Onyxia, Garona, Icecrown, Malygos
Current Guild Type: Leveling, Gearing and Preparing for 9.1
WPvP: Interested
Ages: 21 and older
Contact Saurfang/Hellsergeant by:
Discord: Hellscythe#7701
BTag: MountainDewd#11963

Soldiers of the Horde! Ready your Blades! I am Saurfang, Clan Leader of the United Horde. Our time has come to take arms against the Alliance! I serve the Horde; United Horde! Here at UH, I value goals, member recognition, & support my Horde. I’m an old school player with knowledge of the game. I know how rough it is at times for new soldiers or returning comrades to find a place they could call home. As a person who radiates positive energy, it is a duty I must do to boost my Team’s morale and productivity. There is nothing more important in a team than with passion & the will to succeed. I plan to run M+, RBG’s, Raids, & WPvP. All I ask is do your best and try to pull your own wait. I do my very best to give my time to others, when I can.

I’m accepting to receive 36 of each spec. With each spec I’m looking to have all four covenant abilities: Necrolords, Kyrian, Venthyr, and Night Fae. Don’t let the internet fool you into thinking only a certain few classes and their specs are the best of the best Classes World of Warcraft has to offer. As an individual, you’re never going to see the same results you peer at by looking at these simulations. The best class in the game is the person behind the character who practices, practices, practices, and I emphasize practices, because if you want to see these results you’re grasping from these sims, you’ll have to put-in a lot of your time to research and practice your spec to have results. In other words, if you’re interested in progression to obtain that best gear in the game, choose one to two classes you enjoy most and allow the rest of the MMO community to play other classes.

Each Member plays an important role to keep our guild active. We understand that players have many classes they can play. It’s each Member’s responsibility to be active individuals themselves. I’m an old school player who doesn’t care too much about the META however, I do have an open mind with META. Out of all 36 specs. Each spec has some unique features that are important in my use. I also support new members looking to grow a community.
As a leader I delegate tasks, completely. I will not do everything, however, I’ll focus on the most difficult tasks and delegate the rest to others and trust them to get the job done! A clan is a large team and each member in our clan “must” participate when they can. If members choose not to be a participant, members will not be promoted nor join in any activities I plan for them in the future. Doing some things by ourselves is alright, but not all the time. The more we support each other together, the more activities we can accomplish together. Takes everyone to move a mountain, not just one person. Whether you’re an individual who plays casually, seriously, midcorely, or an elitist. I don’t mind having people in this clan who have these predicaments. However, if anyone disrespects our members because they’re not a skilled player. I won’t give a hoot who they are! That type of attitude, I do not tolerate, that’s an immediate dismissal. Members are not just a number. They’re individuals like yourself, playing the game with a purpose. Each member in our clan has a role to fulfill. No matter how great the talent or efforts are, some things just take time. I run this organization whether big/small. I do ask anyone reading this. I would like everyone to have Discord installed on your PC or Phone. This is one of my best ways of communication. Microphone is required for PvP, we’ll make it optional during Raiding, because only a select few will be talking during boss fights.