Unit frames keeps resetting =(

Hi guys,

I don’t use a unit frame add on. For some reason whenever I log out, or /reload UI, the placement of my player frame or target frame resets position.

Could titan or bartender impact this at all? Any ideas?



I have this issue also but weirdly enough it only happens on one character. Everyone else’s unitframes stay in the exact same locations yet every time I log out of my lock they get reset.


Thanks Fire, I figured out it is Titan Panel causing the issue.

Does anyone know if there’s a setting to fix this or if it could be a bug?



Yeah I’m using Titan panel also.

Or was at least lol

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Confirmed. Titan Panel is the issue. Disable the addon and reloading my UI kept everything intact. Thank you!!

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I was having the same issue. After reading this thread, I had a look at the settings of Titan Panel and discovered a fix, I believe.
From the Main Menu (Escape) click ‘Interface Options’ then click on the “AddOns” tab. Expand ‘Titan Panel Classic’ (click + symbol). Select ‘Top Bars’ (assuming your Titan Panel is at the top of your screen - if it is not, select ‘Bottom Bars’).
Finally, in the ‘Options’ section, select “Disable Screen Adjust” and click Okay.
I hope this has helped.


The issue was with TitanPanel for me as well.
Easy solution: Disable TitanPanel>>login>>adjust and lock your player/target frames as you like>>logout and reenable TitanPanel>>DONE


A big thank you

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Thank you. Had been bugging me for the past month or so.

Not using Titan panel, but it randomly resets across all my characters every once in a while for some reason. Any other reason anyone knows other than Titan Panel add on?

thanks for the fix guys :slight_smile:

I uninstalled titan panel and am still having this issue. Any suggestions?

Happens to all of us just update it or get a new addon i dun

is this fixed yet?

Not to necro the thread or anything, but if you disable screen adjust then Titan Panel will overlap your buffs and minimap. However, when you disable screen adjust and then move your unit frame where you want it, you can uncheck it, reload, and your unit frame will be exactly where you put it and Titan Panel won’t overlap your stuff anymore. Hope this helps someone else since this thread is the first hit on Google.

I love you

Thank you so much

a true legend, mate

Thank you, thank you! As a legally blind WoW player with a tiny bit of peripheral vision, I can’t see the portrait in the upper left well enough when I’m in combat to see my health and mana; moving and locking the player frame to a better location, only to have it move back to the corner was making me insane!

*** Confirmed on the Titan Addon Fix! Nice Find!