Unholy DK LF 25m or 10m Raiding

  1. [Faction]: Horde [Character Name]: Haqsalot [Class/spec]: DK, Can play all 3 specs [Professions]: Eng/JC [Availability]: Tues,Wed,Thurs anytime after 7:30 PM CST [Contact]: Discord [Guild Type]: 25 man [Looking for]: Looking for a guild that is going to push to clear all heroic content quickly and efficiently. Not super interested in speed running, just want to clear all content on hardest difficulty, no issue with being laid back and joking around during raids. I was Server first LK 25man Heroic kill on retail. I know my class in and out and spend countless hours testing. Also killed Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25m Heroic server first. Then the guild broke up and that was the end of it. Also cleared all content while current in Wrath classic. Was with great group of people with Broward Sheriff’s Office till the broke up.