<unhallowed> *shakes head*

So you have a lvl 101 and 102 Alliance in warmode and decide that your 106 hunter and , at the time 110 shaman Raigen, need to take them out. Only to get beat embarrassingly. The shaman unlinks and goes to their actual 120 level, to sit there and farm two 101 and 102 level players. Pathetic. So they call for help from a 120 druid, so what do you do? Call the rest of your guild to kill 3 players? Really? Are you so insecure in your gaming abilities that when things are on a level playing field, you have to call for help like a whiny little baby? Guess so. In my 15 years of playing wow, this guild right here is the tops of the chart for being not just insecure but pretty pathetic when it comes to actual gameplay. One day you guys will be worthwhile, just keep stacking the odds in your favor and you can win anything. Be glad you didn’t play vanilla, you would have ended up going to my little pony’s pleasure island to be considered anything worth more than a newb level pony.