Unemployed - Horde Recruiting Raiders :)

< Unemployed > is recruiting.

ABOUT US We are a newer raiding guild and our core have been together for 10+ years through several expansions and vanilla. We re-started late into classic and are catching up. We are looking to add a few quality raiders to our raid team and are definitely open to newer 60’s who are looking to raid. We are 4 weeks into progression of MC and will be downing Ragnaros this week. We will also be starting BWL in 1 week.

RAID TIMES Sunday 4:00 pm server time. We are also adding in a Tuesday evening raid time for BWL/Ony around 6 pm server (time TBD)


DPS: - Fury Warriors, Mages, Boomkin, Shadow Priest

Healers: Resto Druids, Resto Shamans

However, that being said, we are open to all exceptional and dedicated players regardless of your class.

LOOT Soft reserves - MS > OS with a mix of Loot council.

PROGRESSION We are currently clear Ony/ZG on reset and are working on Ragnaros in MC (will go down this week). BWL to start next week.

Please Keep in mind we’re a brand new guild (close to 2 months now). So this would be great if you’re looking for a new home and starting into raid progression.

Please contact me on discord for more information or if you’d like to join: Hottrollrun#3903 or add my battle tag: Riceworker#1714

We look forward to chatting with u ! :slight_smile:

Hey - tried using the discord link but it said the invite expired. If you’re still looking for fury warriors, I have a 60 I was looking to transfer. I dinged 60 pretty soon after release but work picked up a ton for me so I downed Rag once and never was able to really commit to raiding after that.

HI yes, please hit my up in game or add my real ID: Riceworker#1714