Undulating Spore Cloak values at 489?

I’m hearing theres a 0.4 PvP modifier for the embellishment, I did not know about this embellishment sitting out season 2.

I’m seeing numbers anywhere from 90k to 250k from prior reads.

Does anyone have the REAL pvp values for absorb and self healing in 489 pvp scaling?

It’s not worth it, undulating spore cloak is just bad now. During the 10.2 PTR, Undulating Sporecloak’s shield was halved, and to compensate for the nerf they gave it a Versatility buff while above 70% health.

That’s not even taking account the PvP modifier that’s always active on it, which halves the effect in PvP (again).

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I took infurious warhelm for the free obsidian trophy free piece but without knowing there were other craftables released during season 2.

It’s 35k bleed probably a few ppm meh. Free purple