<Undercity Coffee House> (Burning Blade): Recruiting more competitive players

is a social guild and community that is looking to have its more competitive players engage in higher level gameplay. The guild has keystone masters, AOTC raiders, and gladiator experienced players that are looking to build coordinated teams that can find success in the more challenging content they are trying to pursue.

This thread is intended to find other players who are looking for not only a social environment, but like-minded players who want to be a part of a team and move forward together. In regards to scheduling for raiding, m+ pushing, and PvP teams, all of it is done via a Guild Availability Survey for each month. This helps the Guild maintain flexibility and constant availability among our base to get on for coordinated pushes.

Bottom line, we’re looking to be more competitive, yet still want to maintain a friendly environment. In other words, if you’re toxic- this community is not for you.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, use the contacts below or post in this forum. It is more preferred that you reach out on Discord.

Chance#7783 (Keystone-Burning Blade)
Perfunctory#9906 (Downstark-Burning Blade)

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