Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Damn, was hoping tier sets from DF wouldn’t be here :sob:

Oh I don’t think the tier sets will. The current talents will though.


Ok awesome!, now I’m excited! Thank you.

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So let me get this straight…
I can either:
A: replay my favorite expansion, except streamlined with a bunch of new features, new gear, a bunch of SoD type mechanics, the opportunity to unlock a bunch of mounts and cosmetics I didn’t get back then, every character I level gets faster and faster because of the account wide cloak that can get an xp buff, AND the character converts to a retail character and can have up to ilvl 556 gear going into War Within
B: play s4

No brainer. Should probably do this in the future for other things. The mythic gear treadmill for stuff that will be replaced by quest rewards 10 hours into WW and an achievement that almost everyone gets because you made it so easy is cringe and I’m more than happy for an alternative.

Many were unhappy with plunderstorm because it was a stand alone game, and the only way plunderstorm could tie into retail is through a couple of mounts/tmogs. So it didnt really offer much, and once time is up for plunderstorm the entirey of the 10.2.6 patch basically vanishes.

So instead of grinding for gear, you are going to play an even faster gamemode where gameplay is easier and high powered loot is more readily available than play s4 cause s4 is too easy? You should be honest and just say you are burnt out on DF XD

I wonder what percentage of all guilds actually get CE

I’m not saying s4 is too easy. I’m saying s4 is boring and the reward for the grind doesn’t mean anything.

Is it weird that the expansion they chose for this rush through is the one that kept telling us to slow down? :thinking:

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I have been working on the Loremaster achievement quests, and I was going to bring my existing Pandaren toon to Pandaria to do the quests for Loremaster of Pandaria. Will the quests in the Remix MoP count toward the account wide Loremaster of Pandaria achievement? If not, I may just skip the Remix and go with my original plan.

Nice. I’ll check it out. I liked the zones.

Follow up question, do I have to create a new character to participate in this?, can I just use a character I have already have made (and attached too) to get ready for the war within?.

I mention this as I have already names and classes in use, so would I have to make a whole other character not really needed for retail to participate rather then just helping out a character I already have?.

You will need to make a new character for this, but you will also be able to bring it back to retail with you when the event ends.

I’d really like to get out of this seasonal / limited time nonsense. If this new mode for pandaria works out - maybe that’s what you all should do for chromie time.

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You know what’s going to suck about this event? I can see a lot of people wanting to level a lot of characters through it. Finding a name on a server like Moon Guard, Illidan, Stormrage, etc. is going to be a PITA.

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PLEASE give us the extra character slots for this event, even if they’re only temporary. Some of us who have been playing for a long time are capped on alts and don’t want to have to play “which alt do I delete” for a time limited event. I have alts whose appearance I just like, alts I made to play on other realms with friends so we can quest together, alts I made for achievements, etc.


I’m sorry if this was already asked and answered, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. will leveling characters in this mode count towards unlocking heritage armors? like… could I roll allied race characters, level them within this mode and unlock armors this way? thank you

Go play it and it will be easy to find out.

You can’t level something from 10-70 that’s ALREADY 70. for anything else, its literally because they said so, and thats okay. Going on the ptr, even without a third of the 347% experience buff, it took 2.5 zones to be 50-60, and that’s JUST doing quests and nothing else.
No. This isn’t mists classic. Next question.
They dont need to specifically tell you addons are enabled every time. For the entire history of WoW, the -only- time addons werent enabled is when they specifically disabled them, and they told us every single time, and it was always temporary.
Literally just play it. Everything is available, all the way up to Evoker. This isn’t mists classic.

Considering the character becomes your retail character afterward, probably. Though you will not be able to touch the questline until after the event because:
All portals outside of Pandaria do not exist.
No boat off Pandaria exists.
Mages can’t teleport or portal off Pandaria.
Deathknights can’t deathgate off Pandaria.

Legitimately just read the article. It answers this.

see the thing I’ve seen some people say is that Blizzard may not allow it because of the accelerated leveling speed. like as far as I know, they do not allow heritage armors if you roll your allied race character as death knight, so I just wanted confirmation one way or another, you know?

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