Undead Guilds?

I’m not sure if many know who Clan Battlehammer is on Emerald Dream, but I am looking for a guild similar to theirs for Undead. They are a light RP/PvP guild that loves to world pvp. If there are any that you can think of, please let me know.

I don’t think you’ll find many (if any?) wpvp guilds out here specifically for undead. There is, however, a thriving undead roleplay community. Check out Undercity United 2.0 <WE'VE MOVED TO A NEW SERVER> .

I think there is a Forsaken Guild on Moonguard called “Undercity Nexus”, plus one on Wyrmrest Accord called “Royal Apothocary Society”. I hope that helps.

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Undercity Nexus is an active Forsaken RP guild located on Moon Guard - you can see some of our guild’s stories and rp on our site blog at https://www.ucnexus.com - which also has the link to our discord.

You can have a doorman at meetings who utters the line.

“If you’re not dead, than drop dead!”

I’ve read enough Forgotten Realms to know where they got the name from.