<Undaunted> Late Night AotC Guild LFM Raiders!

Undaunted of Hyjal is a late night AOTC guild with a raiding history of 10+ years looking for good DPS and Healers to fill out our roster for AotC progression next tier and guild M+ runs.

Raid Times:
9:00 PM to 12:00 AM Pacific | Tuesday & Thursday

Ranged DPS

Not recruiting tanks at this time.

We have a casual attitude in our raid, and have historically been able to clear 2-4 Mythic bosses after finishing Heroic progression when there’s interest. We don’t expect everyone to play the meta specs, but we do ask that you learn the spec you want to play and perform well relative to the raid.

We also have several M+ players who run keys on most non-raid nights, usually in the +18-22 range. More players of any class/role would be welcome for M+ as well.

If you’re interested in trialing for the raid team, please respond here or contact Thordrek in game.

You can also add Thordrek#11350 on Battle.net, or thordrenek on Discord if I’m not online.

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Bump! Come join us on Tuesdays for Heroic fun!

Still recruiting! Come join us tomorrow at 9 PM PDT!

Still looking for some DPS! Come join us on Tuesday!