Unarmored Mounts Megathread 2.0

The fact that you are merely trolling and are upset they didnt get what they want and aretrying to give people their just desserts. That explains it pretty well

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Nope, I said it. But since you have no valid argument you resort to semantics. That is the go to move on these forums.

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“Unarmored mounts were not in patch 1.12”

literally 2 seconds later

“But there was a mechanism to turn in your unarmored mount for a new one”


Also just wanna say that the prospect of someone who is pro wow token/Transmog implementation in classic disagreeing with me in regard to classic is literally like a badge of honor.

It is invigorating and motivating, it also reaffirms by belief that the mounts should be in classic.


How are they (the mounts) more impactful then transmog or tokens? Hoe are tokens in the spirirt of vanilla?


I am quoting Philmahuders from another thread’s reply.

They are using 1.12 as a template/guide for clarity, not as a rule of law or an opposition to other changes. Which is why Blizzard is more than willing to add layering and 2 hour trade windows(not that I’m in support of these) to help them achieve (what they believe) a more classical experience/health of the game.


Your point? The few people that got the unfinished one before 1.4 needed a way to get the correct one. By 1.12 the vendor ONLY sold the correct armored one.

So no you are not getting unarmored mounts nor should you. They were temporary place holders.

So what if they were? Why does it matter they are the same in every way except for the skin. Its not a big deal tbh.

Temporary placeholders with unique models? That doesn’t make sense.

It also doesn’t make sense that blizzard continues to use these models in BFA, considering you said they removed them. They exist in BfA.

“For many parts”, not all. That quote and reasoning does not justify the argument being made, nor is it the argument that blizzard chose to use in order to keep the mounts out of classic.


I understand you want the mounts in the game, but there’s no need to make this personal. It’s certainly not going to support your argument much if you have to devolve to calling the people who disagree with you trolls.

I fully support the existence of this thread and us having a conversation; as I have said many times the forums are the place to have this kind of discussion about changes, but let’s keep it civil.

I’ve already gone over why they are so impactful. The Token is just a better way to facilitate gold selling then through third parties, who will flock to Vanilla if the demand for gold selling is not met by Blizzard.

As for Transmog, I have advocated a very paired down version of Transmog where only a player can see their mog, and can opt-in to see other peoples mogs. I would also advocate the system only if you could transmog items picked up through greed rolls and and on non-traded non-auctioned items.

I feel that these two systems would essentially be invisible to the vast majority of players who do not want them. I feel that the unarmored mounts have essentially no mechanical upsides and introduce negatives that would make the game worse. They were essentially bugs that were waiting to get fixed, and I think that the limited time rewards mechanic is a bad mechanic for MMORPGs.

Blizzard is not and should not waste resources on something trivial. I’m sure they don’t want the vendors surrounded by twice as many mounts for is to see what they look like.

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Lol changing your argument? Unfortunately for you the unarmored mounts REMAIN in their places in classic. When you go to menethil harbor you will SEE a white stallion standing next to the vendor… you just can’t buy it.

Vakul would you support a system where only I can see my unarmored mount but it looks like an armored mount to everyone else?


That is exactly why I quoted it lol. Because this quote right there is the reason why all the people saying “it’s not 1.12” should just immediately drop the argument. It’s official reply by Blizzard saying they are not going only with 1.12 patch, only where it makes the most sense (clarity).


Correct. The unarmored mounts were not available to players after 1.4, unless you already had one. Blizzard felt that in this case dealing with the outrage of taking away people’s rewards and forcing a different one would be bad for retention. That does not mean they did not want to take them away.

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I would actually support a mount transmog system of some kind. I haven’t really thought about it that much, but the ability to ride around on a regular horse would be great for RP as long as people had the option to see that I’m actually riding an epic armored mount.

So basically you feel that this issue is trivial and they shouldn’t waste resources on it?

Or you believe that classic is a 1:1 image of patch 1.12 and that even though we are getting it without Naxx, AQ 40/20, ZG, dire Maul, BWL, etc… that the unarmored mounts should be kept out of it in order to protect the authenticity of patch 1.12?

Which one is it? Weird that blizzard didn’t use either of these arguments when they attempted to justify their decision making.


So I take it we have a deal? An opt-in transmog system where I can wear Robes of Arugal at 60 and you can ride on a white unarmored stallion at 100% speed?

LOL how is it unfortunate for me? I don’t want an unarmored mount. You do but you can’t have one. :slightly_smiling_face:

And you do realize that blizz does not have to justify anything to you. It is their product. If you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it.

All of you are arguing with people who cannot give you unarmored mounts to begin with.

So say we all hold hands in rainbow happy agreement that you should get your unarmored mounts. You still won’t get them LOL.

Nope, I think that has no place in classic. If you want to wear robes of arugal than go acquire that item and wear it.

If you want the unarmored white stallion than go buy it for the same price as the other mounts and ride it.

Anyone who doesn’t know which mounts are epic will learn between 1 and 60. They can also visibly see that the mount is moving at 100% speed. They can also hover over their targets active status effects which will say that the mount is a 100% speed mount.


I was simply pointing out another one of your failed justifications.

The mounts are still by the vendors. There are at least 4 white stallions standing in the game in vanilla.

It is the first horse you see upon entering the game as a human in north shore valley.

It is the second horse you see outside of the Goldshire inn.

The general of the storm wind army is sitting on top of a white stallion at the storm wind gates.

There is a white stallion right next to the mount vendor in Menethil Harbor.

As for you insulting this entire discussion… what is the point of the forums? This is the point of the forums. Asking for things, discussing the positives and negatives. Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean you have to hate it or the people that want it. The person agreeing with you has authored threads on implementing the WoW token in classic, and adding transmog to classic… both which would be extremely damaging to classic…the implementation of unarmored mounts would NOT be damaging.