Unable to start Vol'Dun questline

I faction changed this character to Horde and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to start the Vol’Dun questline to unlock Vulpera. There are no quests in Vol’Dun to pick up and the mission board has nothing I can access. No one in Dazar’Alor has any quests I can see either.

Edit: I noticed I had the intro quest for Nazmir on the map so I went and did the first part of that to see if it would unlock the other zones on the scouting map afterwards but it is still empty. I can’t find anyone in Dazar’alor still with any kind of quest to lead me anywhere except Nazjatar (hadn’t done it before I switched factions)

2nd Edit: Well I don’t know why but upon teleporting to Org I went to the allied race building and I was able to start the questline for Vulpera. Maybe because I have Mechagnomes on Alliance I can start the Horde equivalent I don’t know. Glad that this issue is solved.

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When looking at the map, there is no Vol’Dun section on the quest log on the right?

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Nope, I do see a quest in Nazmir called Into Darkness, maybe I have to do the Nazmir quests first?

I level boosted my horde paly to 110 recently so I could see all the horde quest lines. The Vulpera is in the Vol’Dun zone. You get to pick from your mission table which of the three area you want to quest in first same as the alliance. Then evey few levels you get do add a second and then the last zone. So I’m not positive with the faction change how many starter quests you have to do before you unlock the quests in all three zones.

From what I can see here it never seems to work well :frowning:.

There does seem to be more confusion than usual with faction changes this patch. I would never use the service so I have no direct experience to offer unfortunately. But just from general understanding of how quests in the game work, it sounds like they are being blocked from not having completed the Horde intro to BfA.

OP, I would try going down to the very end of the pier at the harbor (which is where new Horde 110s arrive after the BfA opening cutscene) and see if anything is available there, then if no quests there work your way north looking for quests along the way (maybe on the Horde mission boat to your right), maybe someone waiting on the stairs, or maybe all the way up at the throne room (above the Great Seal area). Hopefully somewhere there will be a hook that lets you back into the chain so you can complete it an open everything else.

BTW if any of that does work it would be very helpful to other people if you come back and tell us.

Wanted to reply to this since I had the same problem. Once you complete Into the Darkness in Nazmir and do the first few quests there (up to The Shadow of Death) then the Vol’dun quest should open up on the scouting map in Dazar’alor. Hope this info helps someone else :slight_smile:


You have no idea how much that actually helped. Thank you so much.