Unable to start Pet-Battles Quests

I came back for Shadowlands, and I can’t start the Pet-Battle Quest chain. How am I supposed to level pet for world quest without the ability to get started with Battle Pets.

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Yeah , this is a grave issue we the people interested in battle pets have been experiencing since the update for shadowlands landed .
All the quest chain for starting to be a tamer and/or fight tamers around the world seems to be bugged , and neither Varzok in Ogrimmar nor Audrey Hepburn in Stormwind appear to be giving any quests or trading blue stones now. >=(
I am fairly new to the game too so i am not even sure what is the process to follow in order to report issues like this.

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I reported it, but they were unable to replicate and said they could access the quests “Just fine” when they logged into my character so it must be a “client side” issue. They’re likely not super concerned with this issue, and we’ll have to find a way around it…

Running into this issue starting today…

Apparently, the going work-around right now is the make a new character, and select the quests on THAT character…

But I don’t have another level-boost, and I don’t have TIME to level another character. How about they just fix the issue? >>

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So this morning I decided to log onto a Horde alt of mine and I was able to pick up the quests. I then logged onto my alliance and they now have them.

I believe I may have dumped the quests on a Horde alt at some point and forgot all about it.

So if anyone else is running into this issue. Log onto the other faction and see if they are there.

Good Luck!

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What if you don’t have a character on the other faction? >>

Also having this issue.

Fixed! Accept the quest you need on a lower level character and it will work for you.


This might be the worst thing i have seen. So I made a level 1, picked up quest , did the quest on my 60 turned it in then had to go back to my level 1 to pick up next quest. So I am going to need to swap over and over again to pick up each next quest? how does blizzard think this makes sense?

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This worked out for me! Tks

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You’re welcome!