Unable to shapeshift into aquatic form

I was having an issue becoming the aquatic mount. I’m pretty sure it just automatically turns a Druid into the aquatic mount when they get in the water. I also it was changed from choosing to be the aquatic form and I am unsure if it was ever changed back.
Either way, I was 100 percent unable to change into the aquatic form as of a few days ago. I have tried casting the shapeshift at the top of the water and diving a few meters down and still no aquatic form. Any suggestions?

I was having an issue with moonkin form as well, where I was getting the benefits of being in moonkin form but not actually seeing the moonkin form. Unlike the trying to shapeshift into aquatic form, which couldn’t be done at all.

This is true, assuming that you are in Travel Form. In other words, if you’re in the land Travel Form (Stag or Cheetah, if you’re talking about this NE druid) and you jump into swimmable-depth water, yes, it should change you into the Aquatic Form automatically.

This is very odd. To clarify, when you shift into Moonkin, you are seeing the Moonkin Form buff but not the actual cosmetic form on your character?

Edit: Also, just to make sure, have you learned Aquatic Form? With the recent(ish) changes to leveling, I’m no longer sure when a druid gets Aquatic Form. I would assume you have it by level 29 (referring to the character on which you posted), but worth checking that you actually have the ability in your spellbook.

I have no idea how to do the quote thing you are doing.

Yes, lol, I learned it. I’m used to I’d have to go to a trainer to learn it or there was a quest. There is book in the Druid only legion camp that is buyable. It’s been to long to remeber how I learned it.
No, I was on travel form. I tried every form.
Yea, I had the effects of the buff but didn’t have the actual form of a Moonkin.

I have seen a number of complaints about not shifting into moonkin form, even though they get the same benefits as though they did.

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Sadly, that’s the only help I can offer. In the regard to the Aquatic Form issue, I’d suggest opening a ticket in-game to ask for aid from someone on the WoW team, but I’d imagine ticket times are horrendous right now with the state of the new expansion.

I hesitate to ask again, since you said you have definitely learned Aquatic Form (as in, it IS in your spellbook), but having not yet learned it does seem to have been the problem for a previous poster: Druid aquatic form not working.

Edit: Do make sure you are using TRAVEL form. Not “mount” form. These are different things. Mount form turns you into a stag and lets another player ride on you, but it is DIFFERENT AND SEPARATE from Travel Form. In Travel Form, you’ll also look like a stag when you’re forced to be grounded, but Travel Form will also switch to a flying form when you’re able to fly, as well as an Aquatic Form when you’re able to swim. Conversely, Mount Form (which is learned from a tome, which you briefly mentioned remembering) only ever turns you into a stag, even in the water.

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Okay I think I did it. It’s the one that looks like a comment bubble. It took me a few tries but I figured it out.

I’m not so bothered by not actually being in moonkin form and still getting the benefits as I am not being in aquatic form and not getting its benefits. I think my character looks cool. I have seen players in the astral moonkin form and not being in actual moonkin form but receiving the benefits more than a few times over the years. I have been playing wow since, I don’t really know actually maybe 2006.
I was actually wondering if it was glyph or book, which would have been a different cosmetic form for the moonkin form.
btw I found a tone of what was glyphs in the miscellaneous section of the AH. I didn’t look to far into them I had throughly they were removed from the video game entirely. One was becoming a bat in flight form.

Going into travel form then into aquatic form seems to work just fine now. It definitely was not working before. Before writing this post I was actually able to be in mount form in the water. It would be nice to see an aquatic or flying mount form for druids. However, I remeber people talking about how mount form was being “patched out” and players couldn’t actually get on to the backs of their fellow Druids in mount form anymore. Prior to DragonFlight, last I played was at the end of BoA and at the start of Shadowlands.

I did not create a ticket about it. I did try to write a ticket about something. I was redirected to the forms. The ticket creating isn’t as easy as it was before. It’s definitely a lot more categorized then it was but making an actual ticket doesn’t seem possible from what I have tried.

Check out the edits to my last post, at the bottom, in bold. I’m pretty sure that you were originally using Mount Form. Mount Form is learned from a tome and it only ever appears as a stag…even in the water.

Travel Form can also look like a stag (depending on where you are and whether you are able to fly there), but it will dynamically change into other forms when they are better suited…such as Aquatic Form when you hit water.