Unable to revert transfers

So, you’re advocating putting a 5k population cap back on the servers with a now 8k regular playing population - therefore guaranteeing every day queues.

Keep in mind that right now that server has population of say - 32k that’s sustainable only by layering.

I’m advocating keeping the 8k layer population and removing the other layers.

What? Server cap is like 10 or 12k from last I heard. But I hear what you mean though. Might be a queue anyway. I think they really should just lock servers once they reach cap and when the drop off happens open them up. Not a business wise move but a technical answer IMO.

So, an instant 24k queue, if the server currently has a 32k population.

This will drive up free sever transfers which they should be doing already. Layering is not a long term solution.

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I"m just pulling numbers out of the air, I have no idea what the reality is. BUT if you’re correct, then that actually makes it worse, since even if there’s only single-digit layering, and say they have six layers, that means we have 50-60k people on a server that can only realistically service 10k.

Which means if they collapse the layers, we have either 50k queues, or 50k people all sitting in each other’s laps.

Yes exactly. The queues would be insane. Or you know… take the server transfer and start playing right away.

Of course it’s not. It was never meant to be.

But geez, it’s only been 12 days. There will be a lot of people who will leave, their playtime will drop from two hours a day to two hours a week, other things will come up. Population will drop.

As to whether it will drop enough to allow a server that now has 5x the population it can support to work with one layer … who knows. Blizz doesn’t.

Only we’ve already got people on the forums whining about “I moved from Herod to this other server and now there’s no one to play with, and Blizz wont’ let me move back.”

People on the forums shouldn’t be allowed to post. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I bet once 8.3 rolls out or they get bored the flood gates will open and kids and bfa tourists will go back and queues will drop like a stone.

[quote=“Theknuckle-felstriker, post:1, topic:288901, full:true”]

My RL friend wanted to move to felstriker from argul so i did. then he changed his mind cause he was told the servers dead.[/quote]

sounds like this is your friends fault and not blizzards that you cant play with them. sorry brother but you were warned before hand that the transfer is not reversible.

Leaving us blissfully alone, playing the game we all wanted for the past 10 years.

So, your friend changed their mind, but you had already went ahead with the switch. Well, now you are sadly stuck sucks your friend did the ole switch a roo on ya like that.

Yep, and we screwed up. 2.5 days wasted.

Lol no, that’s not how it works. Without layering 3k players get in instead of the 30k or however many there are per layer x number of layers.

Translating your sentence is difficult, but I think you said what I said, so I’m not sure why “that’s not how it works.”

The realm population cap is set to - say - 8k. The server can actually handle say - 50k. So we make 6 layers and allow 48k people to log into the server. The layers keep us from seeing any more than 8k at a time.

If you were to remove layering from the server without either a population drop OR a queue, the population - all 48k of them - would be on a single layer. Which would be unsustainable due to resource conflicts.

Is THAT how it works?

HAHAHAHA!! I knew this would happen. This is hilarious! :joy::joy:

we warned you not to switch bro, i told everyone dont switch servers, they will be dead realms.

Well, you could put a big warning on it.

For example, “no changes, and GM cannot help you”.

Oh yeah, Blizzzard did that.

Are you sure that is a RL friend?

Yes. Which is why realms like Herod will have larger queues than they do currently when layering is removed, if the population doesn’t drop enough.