Unable to loot Trashmaster's Mantle

I already own a Trashmaster’s Mantle and had another one drop for me, but was unable to loot it saying I had one. It got set to my mailbox and I can’t loot it from there or delete it either.

This is making it so I am unable to loot and trade it away, sell it, or clear out my mailbox.

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It’s unique. There can be only 1 Trashmaster.

You could vendor the original, loot the new one, vendor it, then unvendor the original or whatever suits your fancy.

Still can’t trade it away while I keep mine that is enchanted.

Well at this point it’s bound to you…

But, if you or someone had a summonable vendor to drop at the end of Mechagon (ie Squire + Saddle), then that would be your solution. Except you would sell yours, loot, trade, then unsell yours.

You clearly don’t understand the situation or how trading loot works.

I might understand more then you understand what the “unique” trait on an item means. No, go look at it again, it’s one of the VERY few items that is “unique”. Its right underneath “binds when picked up”. This is not “unique equipped” so it literally means “you can ONLY own ONE of these in your possession at the same time”. Not 1 on your person and 1 and your bag.

Is it a bug? Very unlikely since it’s been this way for years. This is the first time anyone’s actually cared though. Is it dumb? Yes. I’d gamble that now enough people will complain so they might make it “unique equipped” finally.

My point is that if they are using an item for M+ it shouldn’t be “unique”. Not being able to trade it when you can trade every other “soul bound” drop doesn’t make sense.

You mean just like every other M+ item?