Unable to get in to 40v40 / Random Epic BGs

I’m on server Trollbane and recently made a new toon. That toon can join Random BGs, and can “join” Random Epic BGs … but the LFG icon on minimap only shows how long I have been “in queue” for the Epic BG. It does not show an average wait time, like the regular Random BG queue does. I’ve let it sit for hours and no Epic BG pops. I’ve then tried selecting specific 40v40 BG and get the same thing.

My toon is currently level 64. Is there some other new requirement to get in to 40v40 BGs?? If so, why can I “queue” if I’m never going to get in? I then started checking my other toons at various levels; looks like only those at max / 120 level get the normal “average wait time / your time in queue” on the LFG minimap icon. Did Blizz change it so that only max level characters can join Random Epic BG / 40v40 BGs?

Thanks for any relevant info you can provide.