Unable to change character on forum

I go to click change character, the thing pops up, acts like its loading, then closes out a minute later. Tried rebooting, F5ing, Alt f4ing, clearing cookies, etc.

Same thing happens to me. I reset my password, but I still cannot change my character. I can’t even see all my characters or select the one I want.

Same thing is happening to me. I go to change my character and it only shows the one I am currently logged in as. It doesn’t list any of my other characters.

Same, and agreed with OP.

I’m on the same boat.

Unfortunately I don’t think the forums are top priority for Blizzard. They’re like swiss cheese – full of holes. They even deleted the old archived forums, which really sucks. A sad end to awhat could be a great game feature.

Yeah, I can’t change off my WoW classic character. It’s the only one showing up.

Ugg…this has been going on for weeks now for me.

Yeah it’s been about a month and a half for me. Before that I didn’t use the forums too much .

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still experiencing this issue.