Umm..why Can't I transmog my Legion artifact onto a Staff after the patch?


I could just before the patch, now I log in and my wep is unmogged and now it won’t allow me to transmog it?

New bug in patch maybe?


I see I’m not the only one, this is truly mind-boggling why they would disable this.


if its not part of the staff line it will not work
they fixed that fun detected

Ive been wondering this same thing all day myself

I would normally laugh at the possibility of this, but artifact weapons were specifically told to us to ignore the rule involving what you can and cannot transmog. This one don’t hold up unfortunately. More likely, Blizzard broke something and we’ll be waiting a couple of months for it to be fixed.


Yeah, claws is the only mog I like for my Druids so this sucks big time.

But they said you can mog any legion artefact weapon to any weapon you have. wtf…?? They literally said that before and it was a huge announcement and everything.

What is wrong with these developers?

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I don’t think it was an intentional break lol

I really hope so, otherwise it would be just utterly ridiculous. Completely broke my transmog, I took weeks to farm to get it exactly right.

The other guy I quoted was saying it may be intentional. I really hope it’s not.

i fixed this by mogging my dagger and offhand to a different dagger/offhand, and then the staff i was using before today worked again

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Would the same work for Regular staff >> to Legion artefact 1h Blade and offhand (the fire mage artefact).

I had the same issue, so I transmoged my sword to a different sword then trasmog it to my artifact staff and it worked

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Same issue. Transmog makes the noise armor makes when its being mogged but then the transaction of gold didn’t go thru. That weird zap noise but no jingle of coins or actual mog

So here how it works.
Let’s take paladin’s holy spec 2H hammer.

Here are the scenarios

  1. I am in Holy w/ 1h mace + shield - I can trnasmog it into 2H Holy Legion artifact.
  2. I am in Holy w/ 1h mace + shield - I can transmog it into Protection Legion 1H+shield
  3. I am in Protection 1H+Shield - I cannot transmog it into Holy artifact.
  4. I am in Retribution 2H weapon - I can transmog it into 2H Holy Mace.

In a nutshell, you can transmog ANYTHING into your current’s spec Legion Artifact. And you can transform anything into any artifact in ANY spec but as long as the weapon type matches.

before today’s patch you could have a 2H weapon on prot pick out a holy appearance immediately switch weapons and mog and it would work

In theory, yes. But as of today, it’s broken, as my Monk figured out tonight. It would fit into scenario 1. I have a 2h weapon as windwalker, but suddenly cannot transmog to my Legion artifact, which is 2 fist weapons. It was working through all of Shadowlands up until today.

I fixed it by doing the following

  1. Had transmogrifier remove the transmog on both my offhand and main hand.
  2. Had the transmogrifier apply a different transmog to both.
  3. Reapply my old artifact transmog, now working without issue.

Yeah thats about it. I wanted to give my Aff Lock the Aff Lock Scythe of Great Aff but it wasn’t meant to be.

A thousand sorrows upon the transmog system.

Every tuesday there are some brand new bugs. 9.0.5 been quite buggy overall.