Ummm... What is this? 😮

https : / / img ur .com/Z7HTpo6

Dunno if this will work but yeah… Wtf is going on here? Why… is… it… like this? I am 99% sure that is NOT how it is supposed to be…

yeah, you’re missing your bling

kinda weird

Pic embed cuz fixing spaces is hard.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

But yeah. I feel very… naked. :open_mouth:

try a towel. Everybody needs a towel.


Especially while looking for your hairbrush.

Found out how I am “supposed” to look like…

Where my bling at?

AND I paid 8k gold to get the just to see myself looking like… that.

I am imagining my bird form with a towel wrapped around it… :thinking:

Wowhead comments indicate that glyph is what is making you naked.

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:lab_coat: Here, maybe this will help a little…

I feel like it’s really sad that I need to point this out, but humility and bling are polar opposites.

For every druid race, glyph of the humble flier causes your flight form to become more basic and plain. It removes all of the jewelry and armor and turns you into a proper bird (or dino-bird in your loa-cultist case)

It’s doing what it was intended to do. Nobody’s fault but your own for not researching first =P

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Yeah, which absolutely sucks so much. I paid 8k gold to get it 'cause I don’t like the order hall class flight form, only to get a naked pterrodax :disappointed:

I thought the glyph was the only way to get my dino flight form but I got a completely naked one instead.

I guess it is my fault that I should not have done the questline for the class order hall mount for this druid. (I race changed from a regular troll after I unlocked Zandalari trolls)

Yeah, unlike KT druids Ztrolls did get an epic and humble version.

I dont see a problem here.

I think there might be multiple glyphs? Sounds like that is the one to force use of the basic flight form not the swift flight form.

I assume the whole reason you want it to revert back is that you have the Broken Shore version from Legion that forces the weird owl form?

Yeah exactly. I want the original dino flight form for this Z troll druid, and not the lunarwing owl form.

Just had a bit of a look, apparently you can speak to a person called Skycaller Faeb who is in the Druid class hall. They should be able to turn off the Lunarwing.

You’ll have to remove the glyph though as qell obviously.

Lol I was just doing that right now… Thank god I can get my bling back lol. I did lose out on 8k gold though but I’ll gain it back someday.


well what do we do now

Burn another world tree or sack another isolationist city? The decisions are vast.

yeah sure, the first part sounds good