Ummm I play blltz and epic and my conquest is 3000/3000

I guess I’ll be back next week or something ummm, now what?

we wait for all the PVErs to catch up in gearing. pvp gearing is rate limited to be intentionally slower than the PVE gear rate so that PVErs don’t feel compelled to PVP for gear.

I don’t play pve unless I have too like when we have an expansion, after I get to the required level its pvp forever. Oh well Airwen needs work my healer is taking a long nap…

could always just pvp for fun!

PvP for fun is only possible after being fully kitted out. Until then, any perceived performance shortcomings can be (mis)attributed to being out geared.

They should let us send at least 10% of our conquest earned while capped to an alt.

Not that it matters much though, cause the alt will get conquest at a reasonable pace as the cap goes up each week. But I’d like to start off with at least 2 pieces of conquest on the alt so I can get the 2 piece bonuses before playing him in pvp.

nah, they should make it account wide and remove the cap, same with honor. no reason to have effort go to waste.

There’s sparks and just playing for fun but yeah, progression is capped. What’s weird to me is that heroic dungeons give vault progress but battlegrounds don’t give honor.


its bad! feels bad win you cap to
have to be better way man lol

good lord but the conquest cap at 550 a week is far too low
do an epic do a blitz turn in quest, you’re done

1k a week would have been nicer

If they made it 1000 a week everyone would be complaining that 1000 is way too low and they should make it 1500

Conquest cap is fine, it keeps the gear gap lower, which people complain about all the time, by keeping people from being full conquest on day 1

You do understand the crests gained from and needed to upgrade pve gear also have a cap correct?

It’s surprising to see you say this, but we agree, for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oop i read that as “battlegrounds don’t give [vault] honor” so now i’m not sure we agree.

absolutely arcane concept in this decade apparently

that really doesn’t matter, PVP is intentionally set at a slower rate so that its not considered an attractive gearing option for MWF and M+. all you have to do is go back to the cloak quest in MoP, S1 of SL, or just look at children’s week.

to most of the playerbase, mandatory PVP is the worst possible thing the devs can ever do.

I read all the responses.

How to respond in a positive manner, we were just talking about this in a real life meeting that I was leading about positive thinking and communication to our clients to help them feel comfortable with our style of business.

Completely different business strategy than wow.

At the age of 58 going on 59 in 2024 I’m going to play maybe my last year. Really, back in the cross road and Tauren mill days when guilds lead world of Warcraft and guild masters actually lead real groups of people into victory and PvP wasn’t counted, it was nothing but a whisper.

That’s when strategy was forming, team members from different guilds or everyone from the same guild were bonding. Everyone abuzz .

During those days PvP would start a fire that would rage out of control at times. Players would compete in the beginning not only for rank but for a title, gear and flashy tabards that meant you could walk on water from time to time.

Those were the years that got me excited about player vs player. Sure PVE is still what makes wow tick and tock. I don’t have as much time at 58 to play 12 hours which the new PvP system does fix. And when I am capped on one toon I have other toons to play to work on to cap. Editing with the iPad and this forum software does cause craziness…

I actually like what they changed, what I need to do is make 5 healers and just play five holy priests so I have enough game time to play three hours of PvP a day a week and still progress.

I’ll do other things like I have been on my 6 months from September- February but back early for Xmas this year in the game.
Maybe PvP has changed for the better.

Wow blizzard Microsoft stilll gets a six month subscription from me, I actually don’t have to play as hard anymore in PvP as I used too. I can pve from time to time like a pve player pvp’s.

With the garrison they showed us how to play by ourselves, with the new PvP system they are showing us we don’t need to grind anymore…. Interesting.

then we make it 1500

you’re not gonna get full conquest day 1

but at the current rate of 550, you can’t even get 1 piece a week, considering some pieces cost 875 or 700, nevermind the weapons.

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Who are you

Yeah, it needs to exist in some capacity early-mid season, but as I recall it’s getting a bump in the next expansion to compensate for lack of vault

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And if they change it to 1500 then people will complain it’s not 2000

If you only look at it like this that makes it seem gearing is incredibly slow. But it’s not

You get two free trophies of conquest right at the start which you can craft 2x 489 pieces with, but you need the sparks. The crafted gear can fill in your mental requirement to get a piece every week by staggering buying a piece and crafting a piece.

On top of this you get your vault rewards. The vault system sucks, but it’s still a way to get gear

Then you have your wpvp pieces you can get every week to round out gear until you can replace it with conquest gear. You won’t even notice the 3ilvl difference, but we all know we’re going to replace them when the cap goes away anyway

Then you also get a free tier piece for getting 1600 on something

When you complain about the 550 cap you make it seem like everything is painfully slow. We’re in what, week 4 (i think?) of the season and I’m in full epics for all my main pieces on my shaman, just have jewelry and trinkets to go

The cap is fine

I just started last week I have the weapon and a chest piece on my healer, the hunter is closing in on a weapon. It’s cool I stayed in bed for the better part of the morning. I don’t need to grind anymore I’ll just take it easy, wow still makes its six month subscription money from me that’s all they want.

It’s good just leave it.

The last one it took almost the entire last season for my healer and hunter to get all their gear, with the extra activities if the system would have stayed the same way I see after the weapons of pulling off 3 pieces of gear per week. Slow’s good. I got other things to do.

I like 6 month subscription plan then there is no feeling of running out any time soon. I got friends that got me started on wow in 2004 that buy 6 months subscriptions just to use the wow forum.