Ultimate Retribution

(Jawah) #1

There’s a lot to dislike about this patch, but this talent is not one of them. This talent is actually really cool and interesting, with a very high skill ceiling.

(Ragarèn) #2

Perhaps I’m not as open minded or creative as I used to be, but I don’t see this talent being much use. Outside the extra avenging wrath, the 6 second Resurrection in arenas feels like it would be impossible to get off within a 20 second time range, while having limited move speed and cc.

(Zeroburrito) #3

it’s purely a battlegrounds talent. and it’s amazing there as people are dropping below 25% all the time.

(Helfdan) #4

I use Redemption like never. Can you click raid frames and cast it or do you have to find their body?

(Tankar) #5

You can click raid frames. Seems like a strong talent in 40 man groups and weak in arenas.


I was messing around with Crusade and 2xlights decreee 1xhaste on holy power trait.
Damage was actually insane. Running Ret rogue priest vs wwdkrsham the fight lasted 40 seconds and I was doing 17k sustained dps.

Crusade + Lights Decree is a niche combo but definitely strong. Probably only worth using vs melee cleaves or shadow priests.

Templar’s verdict damage is definitely higher than last patch.


The battle res cast time is effected by haste! xD

(Jawah) #8

I’m pretty undergeared and my haste is 15%, and 22% with Inquisition up. Redemption’s cast time is significantly reduced by haste. With my haste, I turn the 6 second cast into a 4.9 second cast. That’s enough time to rez during a HoJ, if I begin casting immediately after HoJing. Furthermore, if I bubble right before my teammate dies, I can rez him while I’m bubbled. Bubbling after you receive the buff causes you to lose the buff. However, if you are already bubbled, you can still receive the buff. This means that there is, with my 4.9 second cast time, a 3.1 second window that I can rez my teammate while I am bubbled. I would just have to bubble within 3.1 seconds before my teammate dies.

(Ragarèn) #9

Dam that’s some cheesing the mechanics there. Would’ve thought that bubble would disable the casting ability +1.

(Helfdan) #10

I’ve messed around with it a bit but I’ve yet to see the actual buff on myself. Does anyone have the spell ID maybe?

(Âzræl) #11

I tried using the talent last night in a bg but it kept eating my 2 minute cd with crusade, Idk about regular wings though . I’m going to assume that’s not intentional. Anyone else having the same issue ?

(Tankar) #12

Yeah it’s not worth it. The talent is currently bugged, whenever someone dropped below 25% HP, it would eat my Avenging Wrath cooldown.

(Zenal) #13

Looks like it might’ve been fixed.


This is where you are wrong sir, CC dps it has to be kicked damage does not break the rez. OR JUST BUBBLE REZ! i did it 5 times in arena, 2 in one match so it has use, plus that 20% wings is pretty much time to spam heals to your partner and do big heals to the team


can confirm, ultimate retribution is currently bugged and is eating avenging wrath/crusade CD

(Zeroburrito) #16

it’s only eating crusade for me. i always run it and it has never put wrath on cd. it always puts crusade on cd though.


Has anyone tried running Ultimate Retribution during an AV or Isle of Conquest?

As the team engages the final boss, it seems inevitable that someone is going to die; allowing this buff to remain up the entire boss fight. I have found myself, several times, just standing around spamming Brezs the entire fight!

This talent is simply amazing to say the least!

Also, using Repentance in conjunction with Ultimate Redemption may allow you to get off the 6 second cast much easier in smaller skirmishes. This makes it totally possible to get off a rez even if you have someone focusing you.


This coupled with Retribution proccing from ally deaths is just…way too fun. Especially if you pick up HoW, you just become a winged death machine, since we can Divine Steed as well we’re basically a holy horsemen/women of apocalyptic hammer throwing.

It’s definitely a creative talent! Haven’t been able to really find a use for it in Arena yet over the other talents being far more consistent but it’s great in WPVP and BGs.


Yes, this patch saved Ret for me. Ult Ret, and the new traits really brought the spec back to life for me - especially all the synergy. Speaking of witch, when you use a free Divine Storm proc from Empyrean Power, the Light’s Decree animation occurs but not the damage, is that a bug?

(Kargyraa) #20

I think you mean Raptormen/Women