So, i’m not quite ready to share these publicly, as I’ve legitimately had to resort to brute force at times to HOPEFULLY make progress when arrived at dead ends. Plus, I plan to release them alongside my massive update to ZerkinzUI Pro ElvUI Profile on WAgo . io and my first two addons: ZerkinzConfig, and ZerkinzLib (might be renamed to ZerkinzMedia, not sure).

My goal has basically been to see if I could make 2 core macros for Enveloping Mist and Vivify that intelligently/automatically handle pre-casting Soothing Mist on your target, whether you’re healing @target or @mouseover, whether channeling or not, with NO exceptions, so as to make hardcasting Vivify or Enveloping Mist impossible using the macro without an explicit & purposeful extra-curricular exception, if someone wanted it. I’ve finally achieved this, but I essentially have to rely on a silent macro error which does not display the correct icon/tooltip at times.

This is a great thought experiment if you want to test / build your macro building skills, as i’ve been making paragraph-long smart macros since 2008, and this was by far the hardest achievable macro i’ve ever made. I’ve also added additional functionality, such as: if holding control, it’ll Soothing Mist your previous target, release and hit again to cast Vivify or Enveloping Mist, depending on which version of the macro you’re pressing.

I want to see if anyone can come up with a solution that does not rely on a silent macro icon/tooltip error. If someone posts something of value and new to me here, I will share the full versions with you all in this thread. They’re the most gamechanging macros i’ve ever used for a spec… thanks in advance for your interest / participation.