Ultima Online? Any old timers play that?

Just curious, how many people here played and remember Ultima Online?

I have some fond memories of that game. Truly a “come as you are” sandbox MMO.


i was with Shadowclan back then. (They/We RPed “Orcs” and played the villains deliberately).

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Shadowclan are still around. They roll from private server to private server, demanding special treatment from staff whenever they show up because they think they’re royalty, then leave in a tantrum when they’re told they won’t be treated any differently than others.

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Wait… was that Chesapeake, frequently doing RP raids on Paxlair?

I was L S D aka Evilseed aka LongSchlongDong on Chesapeake!

As far as my name goes… I was a kid :slight_smile:

I haven’t played with them since Shadowbane.

I have no idea what the current makeup of the guild is like.

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still to this day the greatest game I ever played.


Oh man Shadowbane was pretty fun, especially as a thief.

But UO aside, the early Star Wars Galaxies was absolutely AMAZING. The crafting system was incredibly good. PVP was awesome. Full open.

Oh man, miss that game.

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I understand all of this! :smiley:

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Had a lot of fun pvping in UO. Both as a mage and a lumberjack. Two shotting people with supremely accurate battle axes of vanquishing. Then getting disarmed and having a thief steal my axe. Then equiping my ‘newbie’ blessed hatchet and killing the thief with it. Also I think halberds were too heavy to steal. Memory is a little fuzzy.

Also pvp’d a lot when all the artifacts were introduced. Stun lock people to death with that bardiche of the dreadlord as a tank mage. Something like triple para blow into ebolt. Or double para into explosion ebolt? Idk I’ve forgotten.

Good times

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I used to play Ultima Online on a private server called “Sundered Realms”.

Ahh…the many many wars and notorious PKers.

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played and still play just not OSI UO. OSI got kinda bad about a year or so ago. i play on a private server called Outlands. Its T2A and its highly customized New map and its a fresh breath of air and like T2A its PvP oriented.

I played on ALT and recently went back but I dont really like the way its changed yet the playerbase attitude remained the same. For PvP pretty well everyone thats been there awhile has been in each others guild and fought each other. The economy is in shambles since they allowed vets to use transfer shields to bring back items to ALT and flood the market there with high priced rares/items…

So many memories of my first ever MMO as a young teenager and complete noob.
:musical_note: :musical_note:
Ooooohhhh Pre-patch day.
All the bugs they seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay.

Oh I believe in Pre-patch day.

Suddenly, this is not the game it used to be.
There’s a skill nerf hanging over me.
Oh damn patch day came suddenly.

Why lag had to grow, I don’t know they wouldn’t say.
Skill gain’s very wrong now I long for pre-patch day.

Pre-patch day… This was such a killer game I’d say.
Now I need a private shard to play.

Oh I believe in Pre-patch day.
:musical_note: :musical_note:

Lord British just did a new Interview a day or so ago in Youtube, over hour long, and it was great. I highly encourage you fellow UO lovers to give it a watch!