UI Addon to make WoW current UI look like older WoW UI?

Technically, I like Elvui, but it’s getting to a be tiresome to reconfigure it like very 10 or more revisions when they add new UI elements that break older configs. I had my UI the way I liked it back when 11.371 was current, but later revisions made my configuration incompatible. And I can’t just continue using the older version of Elvui because the Prepatch is coming up.

I also do not like modern WoW’s out of the box ui, because for some reason, they think less is more.

So I want to go back to the old days (well, at least back to how the UI looked in Cataclysm, since that is when I started playing the game).

Does such a UI Addon exist?

As a start, something like:

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That looks like what I am after. Thanks.