UD Warlock LF casual guild

I like to take things slow and enjoy the journey. I like doing and collecting unusual things. It’d be great to find a guild for casual play with some forays into endgame PVE as well as an interest in PVP

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I know you say UD in your title. But have you ever given any thought to the Alliance? If there’s any interest, hit me up on Discord - Klypse#1492.

Here’s a link to my recruitment thread if you’d like to bump it too! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve got a pretty good casual guild that did a fair amount of raiding in Retail. Prepping for a Classic guild of the same name. I plan to have a PvP leg in it, too, eventually. PM if you’re interested! Apparently I can’t put a link in my post.

We are a social guild with 4 raid teams. Our priority is the community first and foremost. The main reason we have 4 raid teams is to have activeness online at all hours of the day so when someone logs in there are always people to enjoy the game with. We do intend on raiding as far as we can go. That being said we would love to kill C’thun in AQ40 and Kel’thuzad in NAXX. But being honest we may not “kill them” unless the guild is willing to put both the time and effort to do so.

If your looking for a place to be casual and enjoy the game through the first few years of classic wow we would be a good fit for you. As far as AQ and Naxx are concerned in phases 5 and 6… we will require our raiders to have the necessary “essentials” for progression if they want to progress to the end bosses and secure kills. The fights may be easier then mythic encounters in the retail game… but the gear checks can only be countered by everyone’s preparation before the raid.

If you havent made up your mind yet, id like to invite you to consider our community. Take a look at our recruitment post and lemme know what you think. <Overly Mediocre Guild> | Horde | Server: PvP | NA | Raid Focused | Recruiting All

Ill be in Grievance. A laid back, casual raiding guild. We are more about the journey and friendships than rushing 60 and progression. Although we will have slower progression.

We will have some hit 60 quickly, they then turn around and help their guild mates so we can all be in a place to kill some bosses.

Oh, will be on a PvE realm…saving PvP for BGs

You can add me to discord if you wish to know more nionya#7814

Hi, I would like to introduce Bourbon Raiders. We are a casual, family-oriented guild recruiting for classic. Our guild website is: bourbonraiders.guildlaunch.(com). If interested, you can contact me on my battle tag: Breakout#1905, or on discord: Algammon#1375.