UBRS only 5 man

Did they nerf the mobs inside?

it’s really hard to tell.

Packs are the same size, Wasn’t running a meter so can’t compare damage output vs damage intake.

Scaling seemed alittle off though, The beast was a massive punching bag it seemed.

If they did, it’s not by much. No mobs removed, either. If you go in with ungeared 60s, good luck.

Took some tier 3’s in and this is definately not nerfed for 5 people. Assuming this is a bug from the legion client we run on.

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People in my guild were running UBRS last night and from what it sounded like, it was still scaled as a 10-man raid but only allows 5 people in. So yeah, definitely don’t take boosted toons in there unless you want a wipefest.

Blackrock Spire is definitely a 10-person raid in The Burning Crusade.

We’ve found this bug that is causing this, and we have a fix for it on the way.


Kaivax can I have my AB marks please? I used the item restore function before the bug was fixed…

ALPHA Btw /10chars


Finally!!! Imagine 5 boosted people trying to run UBRS. We spent 4 hours yersterdy. We couldnt believe how hard the beast was with 5 ppl and then just couldnt get past that pack before the final boss. Refilled the grp like 3 times bc of leavers. But in the end… that place is not a 5 men instance lol. We had some fun though.

ps. I want my Doomsaw!!! lets goooo!!

Glad to hear about UBRS. Now can you really acknowledge the honor issues?


whats the problem with the honor? I have a buff that says honor gains are increased by 100% right now. Whats going on?

im finally glad they found the ubrs bug my soul can happy person and i can do my bwl attunement once the bug is fixed

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Any reason why AB isnt awarding 4x honor?

so silly. so wrong.

Sooo… There was a patch a few hours ago… and he I went thinking it was the hot fix for UBRS… Got a 10 men grp together again, just to get there and still only be able to fit 5 ppl. Whats going on blizzard? When is the hot fix coming?

Am i the only one remembering UBRS going to 5 man after vanilla? No troll really asking

LBRS and BRD are 5 not UBRS

We just did the same thing

Yeah, you are.

So I’ve been 5 manning it on HM? Intresting.