UBRS 5 man bug just gets ignored

Title says it all. God forbid we get extra honor before TBC, but when UBRS is effed it just cant seem to get fixed

There’s a blue post on this.


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Are you actually surprised? Ignoring the players is what blizzard is known for. Or if they do address issues it will be weeks if not months later when its irrelevant.

22 hours ago. You’re a real smart guy. That’s the point. Honor was fixed immediately. UBRS can just wait until they get around to it

LOL a known issue and they dont fix it? Weird they fixed honor, then fixed again, they fixed saph. But yet UBRS is known to the broken and they do nothing? Also rexxar isnt spawning. Imagine if they tested ANY OF THIS before they asked us to pay them to test it. If they continue this s** in TBC, They will lose a lot of loyal players over this s*** show of a “release”. At this point half the issues wont be fixed by launch.

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