Tyr's Fourth Challenge

It’s a DUNGEON (sorry caps, but I’m pissed). Being solo, I don’t go looking for dungeons, but apparently that golden lady felt I should have one, so I clicked her.

Light have mercy! I’m asking myself, “How’d you do the other three, if this one and others are dungeons?” I think the other 3 weren’t dungeons and I did do them as solo quests.

Because I have the disease known as “CRS”, which gets worse as I get older, I’m now not sure, but can Blizz do that? Give you 3 solo quests and then turn the whole thing into a dungeon?

You should be able to complete the quest using the follower dungeon option added recently. (Follower dungeons pair you up with AI NPCs instead of players, so are perfect for solo players.) It’s one of the options under the LFD group finder.


Thank you, Udiza! I read the patch notes, but I obviously didn’t get that one. You’re right - I’ll actually be able to do dungeons now! Thanks again! :+1: