TWW rated bgs - gear scaling?

Just wanted to put some feelers out to get a vibe check. Will solo Q rated bgs in TWW have gear scaling like in the current blitz? Also how do people feel about this? Personally I like the current gearing system found in in normal bgs, epics, arena etc, and like progressively gearing up over the course of a season. But I’ve seen a lot of streamers etc saying they’d rather gear abolished totally. Just wondering where the majority generally stand on this.

Honestly gear should never even play a part in pvp. The honor gear should just give you all you need. way more even matches and less barrier to entry for new players to pvp.


Unknown. I believe that when rated solo shuffle was in testing mode they had gear scaling, but when it went live the gear scaling was removed and a minimum gear score was required to participate. The same could happen with Blitz.

I personally want there to be decent scaling where it actually increases even more towards the end of the season because the difference between honor gear and conquest gear is pretty significant and a lot of Blitz matches could be determined by which side has the lesser number of undergeared players.

This sucks if you happen to be on the same side as the undergeared players and makes the outcome of the matches more about RNG than actual gameplay.


Scaling should never be mentioned in the same breath as rated. It’s not needed. Every rated player has max gear anyways. Because they earn conquest easily. Scaling is not a solution to anything. It’s a bandaid fix for broken systems


When I’m gearing up an alt through battleground blitz, I feel like most periods of combat are pretty fair. If I’m out numbered or out-played or both, yeah not a good time, but it’s not supposed to be a good time. Gear scaling gives players of equal skill a fairly equal chance of success. Even after my characters are full conquest, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if somebody comes in with p.V.E gear or just honor gear. I’m not inspecting them unless I see they have 300k health and find out they have no gear equiped. So yeah I think the gear scaling could continue into the next expansion for rated BGB or whatever the new name becomes.

In preform rated BGs, you can ensure everyone on your team is geared but for soloQ rated BGs you can’t. The OP was specifically talking about soloQ rated BGs.

If someone goes into shuffle now with greens then they get established as the easy kill target after the first round and will be tunneled. At the end of the day, your undergeared players going into rated soloq will naturally be lower rated.

The problem isn’t that the undergeared guy doesn’t win, its that the geared people on his team also don’t win.

Your win rate shouldn’t depend on the RNG of whether the undergeared people get put on your team or the other team. This can’t be that hard to understand.

One guy going 0-6 is 4-2 for the other dps

When applying this to bgb, unless 50% of the matches have these undergeared players then naturally overtime they will sink toward the bottom and your more geared players will rise up. I don’t see all green geared players at 2k. I see them at 1500.


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Ok…so if you are playing some games at let’s say 1800 solo stuff like the OP said. You either have the best gear available or you have skill to make up for it. Either way, rated game play doesn’t need scaling. You don’t want hidden math to take place in any rated content arena Rbgs solo shuffle or blitz. It’s not necessary. If people want to template out or scale out non rated PvP play go ahead. If you want to zone into PvP with a loincloth and a branch like a hobo Harry Potter in non rated…let’s go! I’ll do it with everyone. But rated game play, regardless of what it is, does not need scaling

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This is about soloq rated RBGs. How does solo shuffle have any relevance here whatsoever?

I’ll try to explain what happens in soloq rated BGs. When you first start a season in soloq rated BGs you are going to be in placement games. These games will typically be in the 1300-1500 team MMR range.

If you get unlucky and lose a string of matches because you happen to get placed on teams that have a lot of undergeared players the game is going to decide that YOU suck and will tank your MMR making it harder to get out of the games where these undergeared and/or inexperienced players reside.

You can already get unlucky by being placed on teams with more inexperienced players. I’d rather not add significant gear disparities to that as well.

Why anyone would want gear disparity being a part of what dictates outcomes in a rated format is beyond me.

This is just an idea, but if blizz balances the ilvl on both teams with an equal mix, would that be okay? Like in a team of 8, two on each side are BIS and the other 6 aren’t, as long as the ilvls are balanced theoretically would this be fair, cause the BIS players on either team duke it out while the rest support? Kinda like chess where you have your major pieces and your pawns. Low gear players are pawns and BIS players are queens and so long as both teams have an equal number that equals out and becomes it’s own kinda meta game?

Adding any more complexity to match making adds to queue times. What they did last season for the start of the season was fine, which was scaling gear up to be slightly below honor gear item level.

Later in the season they moved the gear scaling up to be slightly below conquest gear level.

Even the disparity between honor gear and conquest gear is enough to lead to consistently winning 1v2s.

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apparently you didn’t read my full comment

Then you respond with this.


But to play along

Because the same philosphy you are trying to apply regarding gear will apply to both solo queue brackets. One of those already exists, solo shuffle. Your philosophy falls flat when seeing how gear comes into play in solo shuffle. You dont see good players with gear staying low rated because they climbed out of it. You may see a string of bad lobbies and be occassionally held back but naturally over time, good players rise up until they hit their skill wall.

If your argument is that there is a lack of player agency in determining outcome to where you as a good player can not carry a team of bad players then maybe you aren’t as good as you think you are and the rating you are at is exactly where you belong.

so arrogant and so wrong lol

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Okay. I’ll play this game. It is actually arrogant to believe that a single good player can carry a team of bad players to victory consistently in Blitz.

I have played all thirteen classes in Blitz into matches at the 2K to 2.2K rated range. However, some of them only have a 55% win rate and some have over a 75% win rate.

How does that happen? That happens because the characters with the high win percentage GOT LUCKY and were not placed on as many bad teams as the players with lower win rates. In Blitz, you WILL get matches that you can’t win because your team is that mismatched. Why in the hell would I want to add gear disparity to that exactly?

I do sympathize with and understand the viewpoints of both sides. Your gear progression feels good when number go up, and most rated content still won’t scale. It is unknown if gear scaling will exist in TWW BGB, but if it does, players with high skill and choice of correct talent and stat allocation will still have opportunities to shine while scaling is present. In random bgs, a typical player of any gear level can, use battleground enemies, and call out undergeared enemies based of healthpool size. This stategy of culling the undergeared may be or may not be a smart strategy, because it allows the fully geared enemies to kind of do what they want until the lower geared enemies are dead… but it does cause people that are trying to get the gear in the most casual version of the content to have a higher likelihood of logging off and not doing the content, reducing the pvp playerbase. If scaling helps increase participation, I’m all for it.

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There is still gear progression with the gear scaling system. Initially it only scaled up to being a little below honor gear. So the progression is still there as you get your honor gear and work on conquest gear.

What gear scaling prevents is people coming in that have half your health, which totally ruins everything. That can also be solved by implementing a minimum item level to participate. HOWEVER, that would reduce the number of people who can just step right into the format and would therefore increase queue times.


I think all rated should be scaled. There is no reason why rating should be determined by gear level.

But I do like that there are normal BGs where gear rewards matter. But I also think that honor gear should top off almost at max and conquest should at most give 3 item levels extra and higher PvE item level. In fact, if honor level is maximum gear, then there’s no need for scaling even. Just let people gear up fast in full honor like now.

I really like that rapid honor gearing process on fresh characters. It’s the conquest grind that I fell out of love with.


For now I think it is safe to assume the scaling will be the same for BG Blitz.

Base ilvl +0 (472)
World PVP Ilvl +1 (473)
Honor PVP Ilvl +4 (476)
World Epic ilvl … +14 (486)
Conquest ilvl … +17 (489)

They haven’t said anything about PVP gearing yet. Dragonflight was a pretty good system imo especially in season 3, the only thing we know is no more PVP vault, so more conquest rewards. Possible more conquest at higher rating?.. we’ll see.


The base ilvl might’ve been raised to 485 recently.

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