Two twitch drops for wow revealed

Dottie was a make a wish foundation

Riding camel is a $500 tcg card

They shouldn’t put Dottie as a twitch drop, really ruined the purpose of it

It was a children’s make a wish foundation and now it’s given away for free when it’s purpose was to support kids in dire need

Dottie was most likely designed by a kid who was chosen to do something they wanted to do

Like the kid who designed the merciless gladiator bow and the wheathoof quest in muglore

And they gave it Away like nothing


Huh. I couldn’t care less about TCG stuff being given away, but charity stuff kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


It was really bad decision to do that

I understand old things should return but charity things is kinda something you shouldn’t reintroduce


Why? Charitable giveaways have limited campaign times. In this case, that has been over for quite some time.


The campaign is over… its served the purpose it was used for. Its fair game IMO. Who is it hurting. If they want to do another then go for it with something new.


It shows that you really didn’t give a heck about the whole purpose it being a charity pet

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That’s true. But now people KNOW that these kind of pets will be available for free eventually, so with future promotions less people might be motivated to donate. Because let’s be real, a lot of people don’t buy these pets for the sake of donating but because they want the stuff in their collections.
So that’s a pretty dumb move.


Look up Tyler the Great

A Yu-Gi-Oh card that was made one of a kind for a kid who was going to die so he was part of make a wish (he lived)

Konami reprinting that card in mass quantities is a big disrespect to the dude and the rest of the fan base

Same applies to Dottie


I usually buy the item during the charity event. I don’t remember if I bought this one or not. Plus Make A Wish is on my standard charity list and they already receive funds periodically.

What I don’t care about is people getting the item for free after the event has ended.


Or… it was a HUGE celebration to him making it!!


Ahh, the “I’ll just get in in 4 years” crowd.


I’m looking at several past charity pets that are available on the store right now.


I understand what you’re saying but if that is the only motivation, then I don’t know think keeping people guessing is going to be beneficial long term.

However, from a social engineering aspect this is interesting. Do we really want our game companies to be the primary driver of charity?

How did it ruin make a wish pet? I’m pretty sure they didn’t go back and bill those kids.

And if you suddenly regret donating to a worthy cause due to this… You might be a monster


Twitch drops and Trading Post are quite new concepts which both aren’t even a year old. I doubt we’ll have to wait 4 years to see more stuff like that considering how often Twitch and Prime promotions occur and the Trading Post also has a new sortiment every month.


I don’t think it was. Wasn’t Dottie the BFA pet of that one vulpera who had two alpaca pets called dottie and dolly

Its going to kill donations on the next pet because everyone now knows we can just wait 4 or 5 short years and get it for free.

I doubt that

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OK… thats just what Ive heard.