Two New Realms Now Open - Aug. 27 5:30 p.m. PDT

Is there any way we can transfer the character we spent time on today to this new server?

Well I sure would love to actually play the game but due to real life obligations (Job) and absurd ques (Blizz) I suppose I can try next week and play with the guild I commited to.

There is already a que…

stop opening servers and make a 1pc 1 client script. if you can understand english it should be very easy to do

Offer free realm transfers and people would probably do it.

need to wait about 2 hours to get into realm, omg.

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lol start over huh? it worked like a charm last time, then i get dc’d on the new server and the queue is now at 100 minutes and rising.


i think blizzard didnt never spect so many people in clasic

Yay, I finally got the name “Andrew”. I feel complete.

Benedictus already started to get full, pls get another PvP server ready… AND LET US TRANSFER!

and i get my pitato name lol

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Well they were told this would happen and as usual failed to listen to the player base lol.

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Two more servers and they arent even PvP… HOW OUT OF TOUCH ARE THESE MORONS RUNNING THE HAMSTERS???

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Hahaha… Either a LOT of people will eventually quit and move on, OR will all stay on classic and retail will truly be known as the stinking pile of doo, doo it is…

I honestly think that if i gave the context to my 5 year old little sister, that she could come up with a better solution to the problem than these idiots working for this company.

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at this speed to get in realm ill get 60 lvl in 1 year, like forst time hehe

They’ve literally done nothing to fix it

Until you can give us a guarantee that the new realms won’t have a queue tomorrow, I’m not budging from my full pop.

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Could you guys create a new pvp server, lock it to new players and allow already formed guilds/players a free transfer to that server? Might help to adjust populations of very large servers like Whitemane, Herod, Stalagg, and Faerlina. Just have them transfer server to server one at a time. Name reserves and guild reserves are maintained that way and people would be more likely to move off those servers.


Give me and my wife a free character transfer to those servers and I’ll do it. We don’t want to start a new grind on new toons…

We want: Azuresong - Normal - Pacific