Two healers looking for home

Hello! I am OwO, looking for a home for me and my boyfriend. We are both raiders and enjoy the raiding scene and Mythic+. Our experiences vary, myself maining a priest healer 472ilvl since 2005 and been raiding since 2006-2007 up until current content with 12/12 N/heroic cleared on Nya and 3/12 Mythic.

He, is a monk 477 healer who joined in towards the end of WOD and is an amazing healer as well, he is very knowledgeable and loves actively persuing or taking part in mythic+s, he is currently 5/12 and 12/12 N/heroic.

We’re looking for a guild that could be a home and allow us to raid together, ontop of making new friends and experience over on horde side.

We are looking for a Horde side guild only, both havin come from Alliance. Looking for raid times between 7pm EST til 11pm EST or anywhere between there and days being any except for Friday and Monday.

If you think you’d be a good fit or want to talk to us both please reach out to myself through OwO#12828 btag or ôwõ#7540 discord, hope to hear from anyone soon :slight_smile:

Give the dojo a look and see if we could be a fit.

Hey there Owo!

Crimson Brotherhood is always looking for quality people to join our community. We do a ton of content and are trying our hand at getting a raid team together to head into shadowlands. Our most active players usually get on around 9pm est and play into the night (or day for some of them). If youre looking for a home, please, check us out. We’d love to hear from you both! [H] <Crimson Brotherhood> a home for returners, raiders, and Mythic+

Check us out:
is a new late night raiding guild on A52. Come raid with people who actually have CE experience and kills, not just a guild who advertises CE. is organized, efficient, yet still has fun. Here are a few things we are looking for:

  • Mechanically strong individuals (getting to new phases, burns, etc is an important part of progress and if you fail to mechanics often, this won’t be the right place for you)
  • Self-motivated individuals- you must come to each raid with an understanding of the mechanics, timings, and overall theme on how to down the boss
  • Output- we will not demand high parses, but will review output. We want people who are excited to min/max their character, push their gear to the max, etc. Parse monkeys are not the type we want
  • Involvement- we are not looking for raid loggers. The goal here is to have an active PvE community with an alt run, m+ groups, or whatever it is that you have fun doing.

What we offer:

  • We offer leadership that has achieved CE in the current expansion and previous
  • We will be organized: spreadsheets, cooldown rotations, Discord posts, etc. The most annoying thing is joining a raid and for officers to waste 30 minutes setting up a fight. Tweaks will be made during encounters, but we will not waste time overhauling or doing the initial setup when we should be progging.
  • Competitive yet fun environment. We want spots to be competitive. Your rank in the guild doesn’t matter- if someone is more mechanically sound than you, they will have your spot.
  • We will not be a guild that carries more than 25-26 on the roster. People get sick, lose interest in the game or just need a night off. We get it- we just need enough people to overcome those MIA’s.

The goal:

  • Start raiding Mythic Ny’alotha by August 4th. I would like to see this guild head into Shadowlands with CE. With how much gear, corruption, and time is available, that is not an unrealistic goal.
  • Shadowlands- CE or bust. I am not going to promise top 200 US or anything like that, but the very 1st tier of Shadowlands will be Cutting Edge.
  • Head into Shadowlands with around 25-26 on the roster.


  • Raid leader: I need someone who is vocal, able to politely correct and be available. Strategies will be posted in spreadsheets and you will be heavily involved in coming up with strategy, but we are not looking for this to be a second job for you.
  • 2 Tanks
  • 5 healers, prefer 2 to have a DPS off-spec that you are comfortable with
  • DPS (with a tank/heal spec)
  • DPS

Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9p-12a PST. If we have the type of atmosphere that wants to push harder, we can discuss adding Monday’s when close to a kill, or for the first few weeks.

Contact: Bnet- Totems#11173

If you reach out, please have the following items:

  • A history of CE (prefer in the current expansion or previous)
  • An idea of what you want to play going forward
  • Would like to see logs for the current tier, particularly in mythic (Legion will do)