Two-Headed Dragon of Traitor's Rest

Neltharion sent a Two-Headed Dragon with his armies to claim a Tome from Sindragosa eh?.. He was working on something after the Dracthyr eh?..

I am starting to see Sindragosa’s spite for Malygos while dying in Icecrown as a desperate attempt to deflect blame for not informing Malygos of Neltharion’s actions.

This all happened during the War of the Scaleborn when Neltharion first started succumbing to the Void Whispers.

We are slowly learning Neltharion’s true legacy and not the pathetic legacy of his N’raqi successors who took over Aberrus shortly before Cataclysm.

to deep 4 me

does this 2 headed dragon have any good loots

He was dead before the Questline started as it is an Azerothian Archives Big Dig.

This is probably just one of many Big Digs all leading to details on Neltharion’s twisted experiments and foul legacy which will be compared to the N’raqi/Faceless Ones’ pitiful legacy in Aberrus.

The Proto-Dragon Soul is also part of Neltharion’s legacy so Neltharion’s legacy is clearly important even if Aberrus turned out to be a dead end due to Neltharion’s legacy having left the place ages ago in favor of the incompetent Faceless Ones who designed Deathwing’s Cataclysm Armor(which caused his mind to go south preventing him from winning) & the Slitherdragons(which escaped before they could be infused with Void) on top of stealing the Sword of Lothar the already stolen twice Ashkandi for the sake of reforging it into into Ashkandur to sell their illusion of one of their members being Neltharion(despite him becoming Deathwing before Ashkandi was even forged making it obvious that the Echo is a fraud).

Neltharion’s legacy casts a shadow over Azeroth even now while the Aberrus Faceless Ones’ legacy is a tale of failure and embarrassment that continues to this day through the Twilight’s Hammer Cult they ordered to nail Deathwing’s new Shadowflame Elementium armor to his body to replace the old Adamantium armor as the Twilight’s Hammer is currently fighting amongst itself to lead the Black Dragonkin dedicated to Deathwing in order to bring about the Hour of Twilight.

I look forward to learning more of Neltharion’s legacy even as we leave the Faceless of Aberrus’s failed legacy behind.

Having read none of this post, and none of the lore, isn’t the two headed skeleton at traitor’s rest a huge chimera? Like the shadowflame boss we fight at the end of the event.

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The Soul is clearly a Rylak I.E. the namesake of the Dragonmaw… The Characters in the event still call the creature a Two-Headed Dragon.

So we have 2 Dragon Types on Draenor that Azeroth attempts to recreate to varying degrees of success. The Rylak is recreated yet only one appears. The Fae Dragon is badly recreated in the form of the cute little Faerie Dragon and the properly sixed yet too traditionally Draconic looking Whimsydragons(Fae Dragons are supposed to be Gecko-like in appearance).

My evoker has 2 heads. 1 of the heads is human though.