Two friends looking for a change

T, W, T Friendly guild on Turalyon Looking for more players to build a mythics rosters. We have the talent but not the numbers at this time.


Hey there, I’ve added you on BNet. Wanted to talk about exactly what you guys are looking for in a guild. is located on Illidan, which is super heavy on the horde side. We have a close tight knit group that does not only raiding and gaming in wow but also on other games also. We are built of past and present Mythic raiders who just want a place to hang out with friends while raiding through AOTC in a calm and collected manner. We raid M/W 8-10 CST but always have stuff going on for off nights also. Hit me up, my BNet is Saiyaku#1609

Hello! My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. We run multiple raid groups, so plenty of room for you! Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around. :smiley: We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable! We do all kinds of things besides raiding such as M+, arena, world pvp, dungeons, etc. We just like having fun together! :slight_smile:

We raid Tues/Fri/Sat from 9-11 pm EST with an optional hour on Fri/Saturday. Evolved is an Alliance guild on the Proudmoore server. Any of the army of characters you mentioned for the 2 of you would be a welcome addition to our raid roster :wink:

You can read more at:

You can contact me at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have more questions.

I wish you luck in the guild hunt! Finding the right group makes a huge difference! :smiley:

A little Information about Dracarys Productions:
Faction: Horde
Server: Bleeding-Hollow
Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:00 pm Est

Guild information:
Small, casual guild with Female GM. LF people who want to raid (softcore), push mythics with us, run alt runs, mog and mount runs. Some PVP (W/BGS).

Guild was created during middle of legion, and was semi-active for about 2 months. People started to leave or do their own thing and guild died down. Right as BFA was released started up with recruitment and have recruited a decent number of people.

GM needs down to earth people who have patience running the raid and don’t mind wiping a few times. Need people to run mythics with and just in general anything with. Need people who want a mature chill atmosphere but can also get stuff done.

Need people who can commit most raid days ( I do understand RL stuff takes priority, but need people who will be present most of the days we do raid)

What is needed (for raiding):
Locks, Priests(Disc or Holy), DH (DPS-possible tank spec as well).
Need Healers and DPS (Tank as secondary class to fill when needed)

We are currently 8/9N(With hopes to down Jaina within the next week so we can progress through H). We are currently running with another solid guild and have had success with them. I would like to have a FULL GUILD GROUP HOWEVER.

We love to chat and hang out in discord as well!

If you are interested or would like to hear more, add me on bnet Glidergirl90#1793

Hello All,

The Flaw is a 1 day a week heroic raiding guild looking for additional members to add to our ranks.

The core of our guild has been raiding together for about 6-7 years in mostly high end mythic capacity. We only focus on Heroic level raiding and maybe get our feet weet in Mythic towards the end of tiers and spend most of our off raiding time pushing M+ keys.

We raid Wednesdays from 8pm-11 CST.

We recently had a few players step away from the game and our current needs are:

Melee DPS:
Death Knight

Range DPS:
Boomkin (Resto OS a plus)
Shadow Priest


Brewmaster or Blood BK.

If interested post below or you can contact me via Bnet Xenocryst#1593

Sick Society needs ranged dps . Our new raid times are Sun/Mon 9pm-12am est and we are currently 5/9N . We have been raiding on Area 52 since cata and we have achieved AOTC every raid tier except Uldir. We are also looking for m+ players and socials. If you are interested please message me @ Barbiedoll#11882

Oh man, you sound like the people who started our guild! Our gm would love to chat with you.

US - Stonemaul (Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev) - Horde

<Tolarian Academy> was started among old raiders, teachers, and college friends, and we want to grow from here. We are interested in like-minded players ages 18+ who want to excel at the game, but operate on a IRL schedule where excessive play is not always possible. We recruit all levels of players, from fresh lvl 1 to recovering raiders. Weekly leveling events, M+ pushes and low key gear runs, Old Content nights, etc!

We are currently forming a Normal Raid team!

Raid Recruitment:

Tank Need: DPS, Tank Off-spec
Heal Need: High Priority - Recruiting All, props to OS/dual roles
DPS Need: Ranged High Priority - Recruiting All

Raid Times: Tuesday & Friday, 7pm - 10pm EST

Specific experience is not required: We’re looking for 120 lvl characters who want to raid and have patience while the group learns together. The community we build is more important to us than the content we’re clearing. Many of our officers have a lot of raid experience, but our lives don’t allow us to play like we once did. We want to have fun, enjoy the time we have, but also knock hard content and play the best that we can.

We we will continue to recruit all levels, classes, and specs for social play and leveling!

If you are interested, add GM on battlenet Styptic#11109

PS we did a mythic 10 (without timing) last week and time lower keys regularly! Mythics are my favorite thing to do.

Hey guys, if you are wanting to join a mythic progression guild, we are still looking for some dps for our mythic roster. We’d love to chat if our times fit what you’re looking for!
<Symbiosis> is an Alliance guild on Sen’jin/Quel’dorei looking to improve our roster for the BoD raid team. Our current progress is 1/9M and 9/9H. We are a super friendly inclusive raiding team that also plays games outside of WoW together! We take bosses seriously, but we still have fun on trash! We make constructive comments, not discouraging remarks to individuals during raid. We strive to help everyone improve all the time.

Raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-10pm CST (8-11 EST, 5-8 PST).

We use Discord for raid communications.
We use RCLootCouncil to distribute any gear that is tradeable from the raids.

We are currently looking for:
Ranged DPS:
High Need of Any
Melee DPS:
Low Need of Any
Switch healers considered

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact me at Cyndreya#1336 (btag), Cyndreya#5147 (discord)

Hey guys,

Horde guild Defiance here. We run T/Th/Sun 630-930 pm pst. Down to earth laid back guild that still pushes end game content the best we can! Just a short post from me so we can talk more if the times fit, which is probably the most important match. I know post says DPS but we also take exceptional healers

Bnet: AaronC#11555
Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760

If you want a little more info: [H] 1/9 M seeks Tank and DPS

Hi Aek, Mistakes Were Made is actively looking for a druid and a ranged dps. We raid on M/W/Th between 10pm and 1230am. We are currently 6/9H and 1/9M. If you are interested, please take a look at [A] <Mistakes Were Made> 3/8M Uldir 6/9H 1/9M BOD M/W/Th 10-1230 late night raid

or message me directly at bnet NoSoulStones #1778 or discord Kickedpuppy#2561.

Hey there Ask!

We think Guildy as Charged (Ravencrest - Alliance) might be a good fit for the to of you! We are a casual guild that focuses more on an enjoyable raid than hard-core progress. We are comprised mostly of close friends met both online and in real life and we’re a close team because of it. We normally raid heroic on Friday at 5pm CST and we raid normal or do mythic dungeons on Saturday at 2pm CST. We were U8/8 normal and U6/8 heroic, and are currently BoD7/9 N. It’s our goal to slowly work through heroic in time, but we don’t plan to push it too much past a stage that is enjoyable. When we aren’t raiding we do a lot of mythics, low character levelling and legacy/mount runs as a team. We spend a lot of time with each other in discord outside of raids and we are looking for people who would really love to get involved in that too. We are currently looking for some good DPS to fill our team. Our guild is mostly run through discord as we have people from lots of different servers so I ask that if you were to join you’d join our discord too. We would love to have you to trial with us and while we do accept people from different servers we would much rather you eventually transfer or at the very least have a high-level alt with us.

Feel free to message either of our GMs at Reyene#1683 or ArtyWolf#1209.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Guildy <3

If you’re looking on the less-serious end, Virtual Chaos on Thrall (Horde) is working on Heroic BfD. We had AOTC for Antorus and were 8/9H in Uldir with our guild-only group. We run Friday/Saturday 7-10pm Eastern. We usually do Normal with our casual guildies on Friday (9/9) and then work on Heroic Saturday (1/9). We’re looking to bolster our numbers for heroic; our core group is ilvl 395+ with daily M+ runs but we need a few more serious players to make Heroic happen.

Hit up our Raid Leader PapaTaco#1390 (that’s not me)

Hi guys,

I see that Ellsii has already linked our spam for Rally and Rally After Dark but I wanted to toss over another bump for us. You both sound like the kind of members I’d like to meet. It appears we meet everything you’re looking for and that you meet what I am looking for.

Check out the site.

I’m always reachable in Discord at Ava#5594. If you have questions or just want to chat, I’d love to meet you both and see if Rally or RAD could be a good fit for you guys!

Thanks and good luck in your guild search.

Hey Aek!

Do Not Release
9/9N 3/9H

Faction: Horde
Server: Area 52
Time Zone: EST

We’re looking for talented players who enjoy progression for our Heroic+ Progression raid and casuals for our guild casual raid. We are a mythic raiding minded guild though, and plan to build a team for Mythic. We also run M+s throughout the week with each other.

About us:
We have a solid core of officers and have been getting AOTC on heroic since WOD. Most of us are working professionals. We consider ourselves mythic progression raiders. We hit 3/8 Mythic on the first raid on BFA and are looking forward to the challenge of defeating Lady Jaina.

Raid Times:

-Guild Casual Raid-
Thurs 9:30PM-12:00PM Server time (EST)

-Heroic+ Progression-
Sat/Sun, 9:30PM-12:30PM Server Time (EST)

What We’re Looking For (But NOT Limited to):

-Heroic+ Progression Raid-

*Ele Shaman

*Resto Shaman

The average ilvl of the Heroic+ Progression raid group is 400. The ideal candidate would be no more than 5 item lower - however, we will consider other awesome players. A positive attitude is required because this is a chill group. We screen all likely candidate’s logs and raiding history and a two-week probationary period before you become an official raider with the guild.

Raider Expectations:

  • Be on time.
  • Know your class thoroughly and have the confidence to give and receive criticism on your class.
  • Be comfortable having your warcraft logs reviewed and feedback given.
  • Know your role for a boss fight for each and every boss.

What you can expect from the Guild

  • Professional Staff
  • Leadership to wrangle 20 people from all over the world together to take down mythic bosses
  • Raid Flasks and Potions
  • Professional non-hostile raid environment
    *Fun people to talk to and goof around with

Loot is personal except for BOE’s which the guild uses to pay for cauldrons and other expenses. Everyone is responsible for prepots/mana pots, however the guild makes these available at a subsidized cost. We have a system to roll on unwanted gear.

Additional Info
We use discord it is required.
Some addons are required.

If interested, please whisper Zoobi#11504, Raxah#1345

Savage Factory is a raiding guild on the Turalyon Server. The raid team runs Sunday/Monday 9pm-12 EST. We have finished every tier with AotC and are looking to get into mythic raiding. We suffered a recent loss of a number of raiders due to RL issues and it’s caused a set back in our progression while we recruit to fill the now vacant spots. We are a laid back guild of friendly players, both raiders and non-raiders. Our guildmates range in variety and we strive to make everyone feel welcome.

About the Raid Team:

Cookie Factory
Raid Times:
Sun/Mon 9pm-12 EST
Current Progression: 9/9 N 1/9H
Uldir Progression: 8/8H 2/8M

What we’re looking for:
(Note that while these are preferred classes, we are open to all dps and healers.)

Resto Druid
Resto Shaman

Range DPS:
Shadow Priest

Demon Hunter
Feral druid
Survival Hunter

Voice Chat: Discord (You do not need to have a mic but must be able to listen)
Addons: DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools and Personal Loot Helper

If you have any further questions or are interested in joining us, feel free to contact me in game:
BT for Lissiandra(Raid Leader) – Lissi#11627
Lissi#8501 for Discord

Hi Aek
HI I am looking for a monk healer and DPS monk. If you are intested please let me know.

Dungeon Crawl is an Adult Raiding Guild on Illidan with a long history. Looking for players round out the Team.{4/9 Heroic 9/9 Normal } Experienced Raiders 380+ Raid Times T/TH 8-11 est. Fun Raiding while Progressing.

Get in touch with Mandalin #1731

Hello Vasin. I spoke to you over chat.

My guild is Concordis. We are on the Kil’jaeden server, alliance side. We are in need of a Resto Druid and solid DPS to join our raid team. We are currently 1/9M.

We raid Tue/Wed 5:30pm PST and usually run 3ish hours or so.

We also have a dedicated PVP team, as well as plenty of people doing Mythic+ as well.

If interested, let me know. My battle tag is rynin#1191. I do have the Blizzard app on my phone, so I can usually be reached at anytime.

Hello! Later at night team here!

Resounding Maybe on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently looking for more members for our raid team! We raid Fri (9-12PST) and Sat (8-11PST), with a Wednesday off night (currently normal BoD, 8-11PST). Always open to trials before transfers as well!

If interested let me know! McAlison#1894

Hey, Aek!

You and your friend are any recruitment officers dream. We would love to have you guys over in our guild, Koalaty Time, a Horde-based guild on Mal’ganis. We have an immediate need for a good healer (MW and HPal the most), and can always put good DPS to use. Our guild is currently 8/9N and 1/9H, which is pretty good for a guild that’s only been raiding for three weeks. We raid W/F 7-930 CST and we do an alt run on Sundays to gear the undergeared who are looking to run with us, as well to teach the fights to those who havent seen them yet to help get people prepared for progression with us. We’re growing and progressing very quickly, and we’re looking to expand on our core group of players looking to show up week in and week out. Our core players are running M+ daily. We provide all raid supples - flasks, food, pots, and repairs.

I love to hear you say that you guys are positive people, because that is something we pride ourselves for in-guild. We promote a positive, laid-back environment, even in raids. Our raid leaders are experienced and are very good at keeping everyone calm and maintaining a light-hearted, positive, and most importantly, effective raid nights.

You can read more about our guild here, if you’d like:

I added the both of you on BT, but if you’d like to chat, feel free to add me. Conweezy#1387

I hope to hear from you and best of luck in your search,

  • Shayzee / Shhbbyisok