<Twitch Prime> (A) LFM 8.1.5 Mythic Raid Team


Raid Times: Tuesday-Thursday 7PM CST-11PM CST
Server: Trollbane/Malfurion-US
Faction: Alliance

Current Recruitment


  • Warlocks(Any) [Always]
  • Priest(Shadow) [Open]
  • Druid(Feral/Balance) [Open]
  • Warrior(Arms/Fury) [Open]


  • Priest(Holy/Disc) [Open]
  • Shaman(Restro) [Open]
  • Paladin(Holy) [Open]


  • Warrior(Prot) [Open]
  • Druid(Guardian) [Open]

Who are we?

We are a newly formed guild that plan on full clearing heroic BoD first week and starting Mythic Progression on Release. We are a Cutting Edge-Focused Guild that plan on reaching 9/9M in Battle of Dazar’alor.

What we require

  1. Knowledge of the encounters before raid day, PTR, Videos, etc.
  2. Logs, We need to see how you preform.
  3. Discord
  4. Good Attendence, If you cant join us, let an officer know.
  5. A willingness to always self-improve.

Contact Info

Battletag: Iminurpocket#1251
Discord: iminurpocket#1522