Twitch Portal? Blazing Hippogryph?

Time to get your credit cards out for those $150 ethereal portal TCG cards on eBay!

LOL nope not happening with my wallet…

I got a really bad feeling they won’t fix it and next week the mount just drops again

I got a rock.

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There is one person reported they had the mount for a few years they got the tcg card to get it …hope they don’t get screwed …they want the portal.

Hello. Wires were crossed, and we’ve un-crossed them.

For the rest of this first week of the promotion, players who claim the toy will receive the toy.

Players who previously received the mount will keep the mount, and they’ll also get the toy. This may require logging out and back in.

Players who do not yet have the mount can earn it next week, as expected.

We apologize for the confusion!


Thank you. Much appreciated.

darn looks like I missed out on a chance not to waste 4 more hours with my twitch tab muted set to the lowest quality shame.


it shows the portal as claimed for my twitch drop as well…mount is still what i got in game, so that % wont show the results until its at 100

Odd. I JUST started mine and it’s showing the Portal.

Hope they get this fixed for y’all.

Yep I logged out completely down to my desktop and logged back in and now have the portal too in my toy box…thank you Kaivax.

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i did a full log out as well and have yet to see the toy appear, would a computer restart be required? just hoping to get the toy is all =D

No I didn’t do a restart of my system just full log out…did you look in your toy box? …did you do twitch at 10am PDT/1pm EDT?..that is when I did mine. Did you claim the toy on twitch page?

yes to all of those things, got the mount instead and apparently even after logging out the toy isnt showing up =( i claimed the toy at 3:20 pst, mount showed up in my collections tab, logged out a few times now, normal and all the way to desktop, toy is still MIA, but tagged as claimed on the twitch drops page

open twitch in your browser. find a stream w drops enabled. mute the tab. minimise. open a new browser window and proceed as normal.

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Update just got the portal, the mount has no progress still, so i had no problems here

Just logged in and got the portal in my Toy collection. Thanks for fixing it!

I love how the new team responds so quickly. Very cool, guys.

For us that received the mount but not the toy and are getting the toy and keeping the mount, do we need to watch another 4 hours when the time comes when the mount promotion starts?

I would watch next week just in case…I got both the mount and toy …but I was on right as it started up earlier today before the game even came up …

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