Twisting Corridors

Disembowerler’s Hook.

Gimme Negation Well. Just Negation Well all the time.

This. I want big jumps. I always want the big jumps. Big jumps forever.

The worst thing that happened to my group in TC wasn’t the two fails on floor 18 of layer 8.

It was the time I got to the 17th floor and got big jumps right before it all ended. That made me a very, very sad Night Elf, and after we killed the boss, I stayed in the last encounter space jumping around a little before I left.

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Art of the Blinkmage (no CD Blink)
Clouded Diamond (make a Mirror Image when you Blink)
Highly-Polished Hand Mirror (make Mirror Images strong)

It didn’t follow your rules, but yeah I’d want these.


I second the super jump. That one is the most useful and versatile.

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I do not like that.


I would only pick super jump. It’s really the best power. Int increased by upwards of 50%? No forget that, super jump is THE power.

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For this character:

+50% damage on kill command
+25% damage on wild mark +45% health
Kill shot has a 25% chance to insta-kill

(For all the fancy and silly stuff that exists, I’m a dull and boring person when it comes to building powers … i just want to hit harder and live longer)

Rogue: Any of the sepsis ones.

Warlock: Tainted Blood Vial.

Chain-climbing with superjump is … an experience.

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I’ve mastered the super jump. I have not died once to chains with it, only three times.

Give me the Tower pets, everywhere I go. They don’t need extra powers.

Common would probably be health orbs whenever I hit an elite. It’s just nice to have as healing backup.

Rare has to be the jump. I love that power to the point I’ve taken it over some of the Druid epic ones. I absolutely love jumping about.

And for Epic, it’s the form changing one. Casting Stampeding Roar and Starfall switching between cat and Boomkin form rocks.

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Would it work in PVP?

On my lock? The one that gives Malific a chance to refund 5 soulshards
on hunter? Necrotic Venom!

Paper cut maw rat

Epic? I do so enjoy when my main’s Death Gate turns into “Summon the Four Horseman”.

Rare? I like the ones that grant me an extra talent point.

Uncommon… am having trouble remembering those.

Common? Would pick the extra Haste stat. Yes please.

For my affliction warlock (the only one I’ve brought to 60 so far):

Epic- the stacking one that buffs my demon by 100% every floor.

Rare- the one that buffs corruption damage and slows enemies (kind of like sacrolash)

Common- the one that gives me a buff to shadow bolt every time I break a phylactery. I’ve had that 3 times once and on the final boss I hit him for a 40k shadow bolt to finish him off. ( …for those that think that’s low I never run higher than a layer 3.)

on my warrior since it’s active everywhere
Common: Skills cost 0 rage
Rare:Condemn deals 100% bonus damage and can be used on any health target
Epic: Reduces Die by the sword cooldown by 80%

Oh look, suddenly I’d have a reason to go into Torghast lol