Turn off Raid Frames

Is there a way to turn off the hideous raid frames offered with wow classic?

I’ve unselected all of the options in the raid ui section to no avail…

Googling I’ve seen a few references to an oldraidframes mod which I can’t seem to find.

Any help would be appreciated.

im not entirely sure cuz i use SUF and grid2

open up your interface and raid frames

Look at the very top check box in the upper right hand top line.

If you uncheck it you will have the old portrait frames for parties.

If you are in a raid I think it defaults and runs raid frames unless you have an addon.

Something like “frames” “healbot” or “Vuhdo” if they have a classic edditin may be more to your liking. Pain to set up Vuhdo but my priest likes it, it supports clicking someone ya want to heal and keeps your target selected if you don’t click / hover over a frame. The frame can be positioned on the screen where it works best for you. I like it near the bottom slight more right than pure center so I can see my chat panes without moving them.

Hope this helps some.

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