Tuning Changes – Raid, Tazavesh, and Sandworn Relics

So you’re telling me that FFXIV content releases perfect and never gets any adjustments?

If so can you explain to me why I see adjustments here?

Just make Sandworn Relics a non item currency since they are useless. 246 is minimally helpful when by the time you acquire enough to buy thing you have cypher gear above 246. It’s just transmog, might as well make it “Cosmetic”.

So genuine question here. If the raids and new dungeons need this much tuning, what was the point of such an extensive and long ptr cycle? Retail is basically an extended ptr at this point. Does blizzard even do any internal testing?


that’s nice but my characters are getting 249s now. Never understood the point of this gear - to have made it any value to anyone the cost should have been reduced to one quarter - even your double isn’t enough really.

this is my bags for my main character who has been playing daily in there - I have 220 sandworn relics after a month.


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Any chance we can get the sandworn gear convertible to tier pieces at the creation catalyst??
That would do a lot for more open world focused players, and shouldn’t affect anyone competitively. All the world first stuff will have been concluded by the time the catalyst opens up, and the built in time gating would prevent more casual folks from being fully tiered for a bit anyway.
People running high keys or raids will have already acquired their tier sets, and it would make catching up on alts a lot easier as well!


…you realize they hotfix these things on live servers all the time right? Like, this is something they have always done. The PTR isn’t for perfecting everything, the sample size is too small for them to adequately judge all the myriad factors that could affect encounters. It’s a tool that lets them work out bigger pain points which they can refine later as necessary. That’s one of the benefits of it being a live game

You know they had feedback from testers who said that streets and gambit were way overturned right? They chose to ignore feedback again and released it in a terrible state only to have players brick keys and suffer through it before they needed it. The question is why have a ptr and ask for feedback if you’re just going to ignore it and just do whatever you want? This has always been a problem and one of the many reasons ppl have quit

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Or make them bind on account, so you can farm them on multiple chars and mail them to alts who don’t have the Cypher upgrades yet.

Or raise the gear ilvl to 252/259.

Two relatively simple solutions that would make these at least have SOME discernable purpose.

They already are useful.

They are how you get tier sets without having to do grouped, instanced content.

Did they say they could be converted to tier? I know people have asked for this, but as far as I know they never officially made that a thing.

If so, then great.

They could when I logged onto the PTR 10 min ago.

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Okay, so that is an expected change for 9.2.5, but not live, correct? If so that’s a good change based on feedback!

Neither of them were touched on Mythic though?

I only tested on PTR because I don’t think you can currently interact with it on live.

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oh that’s what they are for - they are taking up space and since i am short on bag space I was thinking about buying gear I don’t need just for the room. Glad I didn’t

Yes this was a big disappointment to me as well as not getting the rep and “starter” gear for skipping all the intro stuff with my alt. At least make the relics account bound so we can gear up alts until we obtain stuff that is beyond that Ilevel.

I was saying the same exact thing. The relics should have seriously been account bound for the new max lvl alts that need the gear. I’m still saving mine in hopes that they change it later.

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Yeah I’m likewise holding onto my sandworn in the faint hope they’ll come around and make them boa. But I’m not holding my breath over it.

You should double the stack size of Sandworn Relics. It should go from 250 to 500.

By the time I ever get enough of (coinage-of-the-xpac club) the gear I have tripped over from downing tons of world-boss has given me better gear based on RNG alone. EVERY SINGLE XPAC THAT HAS ANOTHER WILD COINAGE TYPE does this.

Just make the nifty-whatsits into BoA gear or “upgrade any gear you like already to the current xpac’s mid-raider value” and be done with it.

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