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We pay good money to do that.


So nobody should point out that the link that Blizzard wants to show us is not working? Your comment doesn’t make any sense.


He making fun of the people who complain about people complaining with the complaint that people complain about the things that they are unhappy with rather than voting on one specific thing to complain about as a group.


Remove “preview.” from the front of the url path and it’s good

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That’s because it was a joke you’re trying to take seriously. If you can’t see what I said was not serious, I’m not the problem in that equation. And I have to wonder how much more obvious I could have made it for you.

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Don’t get angry dude, I just didn’t recognize it as a joke. Problem is that way too many users act like that. :smile: It’s hard recognizing it as sarcasm when most of the time it’s not.


Sorry, my experience on GD is people usually intentionally don’t get something as a means of “winning.”

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They are making it where you buy castle nathria legendary powers with cosmic flux but then in the next sentence say they don’t want players spending cosmic flux on legendary powers.

Seems like two contradictory statements

Your own link is busted. 1/10 - Would not click again.


No news on any ETA for the fixes for vigilant guardian’s orbs not being able to be picked up randomly?

All of that was actual news like a week ago.

we need to see your face. just not the same feel as before

edit: why can
t we have this stickied

4 hours later and it still doesn’t

those sandworn relics are the things that lets you upgrade gear to tier supposedly, it is already the PTR

and no to the idea that you need to buy the sandworn gear to make tier… the point of this was to allow world content players to get tier gear. Now you want to ruin that for that group?

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Maybe put /jk at the end. It was an obvious joke to me.

Unless you mean this is a change on the 9.2.5 ptr, then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Sandworn relics don’t play a part in the creation catalyst. That’s cosmic flux.

What? Again, I think you’re confused. Using the creation catalyst to create a tier piece requires a base item. Currently the only usable items will be from the raid, m+, or rated pvp. I’m suggested the sandworn gear should also be usable. But you would therefore of course need to buy it first.

So what that link is about? Doesn’t function on my end.

it is on the PTR right now and the article I read just says any season 3 or w/e it was gear which includes the world content gear because they have stated things like that in the past and world content gear was included.

I have almost a full set of 252s from the other system - I am not going to replace it with 246 gear.

I literally provided a link in that post to others who are playing on the PTR and who stated that.

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I know, I saw. Seems like there’s only one person saying it. But they are very certain. So that’s awesome if it proves true.

And actually, holy crap! I just took another look at that wowhead guide I linked! It actually is now saying outdoor content gear is included! Swear to god it didn’t say that before! That’s awesome!

well this is the only way it will work - if they did anything else I would just be done now until the prepatch.