Trying to unlock old Naxx, am I doing something wrong?

I have already cleared old Scholo and now trying to do Strat. I was able to spawn Eye of Naxx and killed him then used the item he dropped to start the portal and threw holy water in it. The problem is getting to the Baron. The time seems to run out before the door opens to Baron’s room.

I’ve used my main which is druid with engineering and I ran quickly but by the time I get to the last room, those mob takes a long time to move on and I had to clear quite a lot before the door to Baron opens.

Any tip? Bring in a bunch of unfriendly horde player and tell the mobs fresh brain?

A speed set helps a lot. If you don’t have any high end Longstrider azerite pieces (up to 15% per) you can enchant speed to chest (Accelerated Agility), cloak, bracers, and then get an iLvl 50 or less boots to slap Minor Speed (10% flat) on. There’s also a speed phial, and tier 3 gives something like 747 rating. If you have the Annulet laying around you can socket a stacking speed gem in it.

Good luck.

Another Q: does it matter if I tried in normal or heroic dungeon? Normal would be much easier, I could just train everywhere, kill the next few bosses to open the gate, then just use all kinds of AOE to clear out train and the group of mobs by Baron’s place.

Stratholme doesn’t have multiple difficulties.

uhhh ok… I’ll try again and go faster

Yeah just don’t waste any travel time in there. I laughably did it on a Frost DK with 16% move speed from my M+ gear and I talented Wraith Walk. Having a heavy ranged semi-spammable AoE was good to mow everything down.

I finally got it last night

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I used a combination of Bear tartare and I ran as far as the other entrance and killed all most of the mobs on the way there, leaving just a few for killing for the food speed buff. Takes practice and took me a good many attempts, but I got it that way. You also skip one of the gate closings if you kill the bosses on the other side going left instead of right.

Easily since you need to clear 3 rooms to open the final gate. When I enter the undead side, I take the one on the left first, then go counter-clockwise for the remaining 2.