Trying To Understand

For pvp, why does vers matter so much, what does it improve for pvp?

Damage reduction.


Was it easier to make a forum post than it was to hover the stat and read it?


It doesn’t really matter much if you are fighting people at the same versatility level but matters a lot if fighting people way above or below your versatility. It’s basically a disincentive for people to use pve gear without versatility in pvp.

Dont listen to them. Vers is for weaklings. If you choose not to get hit then you won’t die, that’s your best defensive


Verse allows pve players an option of joining PvP as it can be found on loot off bosses etc. it’s a damage reduction stat. They got rid of the real PvP stat called resilience which was the best stat ever. What res did was draw a line in the sand for pve and pvp players.
But our idiot people in charge constantly have plans to make sure the pvp and pve environments are able to be accessed by anyone. So they abolished res and verse was born.

If blizz was smart they would hire a real pvp devs and bring back resilience. And make it an actual niche you need to do stuff for. They have butchered pvp trying to accommodate pve players


Tell that to demon hunters, they basically never get hit and boy do they whine

Yeah they do :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: