Trying to return for good

I’ve been thinking about returning to wow. I stopped playing in MoP. So its been quite a while since I played it seriously. Every new expansion I play until I reach max level and then stop. I know I have lots to learn, however, what mostly holds me back is not having a guild or “friends” that I can play the game with.

I don’t mind being a solo player but I know most of the end game content revolves around having a guild / solid 5 man grp for raiding or M+. Any recommendations would be great!

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almost everything can be done via group finder now

jump in feet first

you might find a friendly and compatible guild along the way


Im also mostly a solo player since I just cannot commit to a sole guild raid time cause you know life happens…

But I will say this, I have gotten heroics and mythics up to +19 by pugging and had a good time doing so, ofc it is funner while playing with some1 else but if not then I just put some good music.

Hope this helps


There are always guilds recruiting in the forums and in trade chat, so you could easily join one of those to test it out.

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